Distraught parents await news outside school

Distraught parents await news outside school

The father of two students who attend North Park Elementary in San Bernardino, California, anxiously awaits news about the reported shooting on school grounds.

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19 Responses

  1. Jonny Stugotts says:

    100% hilarious gun grab bullshit

  2. Liberal Resistance says:

    can we Just regulate and do more extensive background checks

  3. sfxworks says:

    *Domestic terrorism is the problem not refugees fleeing war*

    Edit: I made a video for the people getting mad over this fact https://twitter.com/quantomworks/status/851537840462864385

  4. That Gurl says:

    Oh scary Racists. Come out, come out wherever you are. What are you going to type behind your keyboards now?

  5. Kor Kalba says:

    Here comes the gun control issue! (Shall not be infringed upon) oh wait…Obama already infringed!

  6. Susan Harkema says:

    Seriously, you’re bothering a father in panic mode. Really??

  7. fred cucaracha says:

    Brace yourselves. Here comes the paid trolls from Alex Jones.

  8. Rest of the World says:

    Didn’t Betsy Devos say guns are ok in schools? So what’s the problem?

  9. Maria Ford says:

    Teacher’s and students are sitting ducks in classrooms. Its time to have armed security on every campus.

  10. Rocky Jockey says:

    Crackers again? Get all guns off these crackers, all they do with guns are school shootings!

  11. Eye Of Truth says:

    White guy or White kid who was bullied????

  12. Daniel Bazalar says:

    I do have a lot of sympathy for the father who is feeling distraught right now. Hopefully, his kids are okay from the Elementary School. San Bernardino’s first shooting since December 2nd, 2015 when 14 people were killed at the Inland Regional Center. This is so horrible.

  13. tanhit95 says:

    “does he have a cellphone?” which 2nd grader has a cellphone you dummy

  14. Chabocho3010 says:

    All the other kids

  15. jake says:

    fake news

    it was a hologram to take our guns

    don’t believe this shit

  16. Lingxoidong Trungdiobing says:

    Terrorists kill people – BOMB THE MIDDLE EAST. Gunman kills people – DON’T EVEN THINK OF CHANGING THE GUN LAWS. ‘Merican logic 101

  17. Attmanwart says:

    white pepole

  18. Una Peppina says:

    This comment section is cancer.

  19. Devon Culleton says:

    But california has strict gun control laws.

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