Diver makes amazing Discovery #Shorts

Diver makes amazing Discovery #Shorts

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33 Responses

  1. Three b’s says:

    If you find two blue and green crocs they’re my little brothers he lost them in the ocean a couple weeks ago

  2. Bru says:

    Yo people drop so much stuff in the ocean I’m surprised he hasn’t fond a pot of gold or something 😕

    Pls don’t put porn ads like come on really 🙄

  3. Jelly Alex says:

    Them: who’s drinking adult beverages while surfing
    Me: yes.

  4. good guy brando says:

    It’s crazy how much stuff you guys find you guys make really interesting content keep up the good work 👏

  5. Shanger Danger says:

    Go to my channel to watch the full video!

  6. ᴋɪʟʟᴇʀ says:

    How is no one talking about how he pronounced comb “comber”

  7. DrawingSKSKSK says:

    Hey! Last week I went parasailing in that exact spot in Waikiki! Hawaii is so much fun! Too bad I didn’t see you guys lol

  8. Alice Hatter says:

    I actually REALLY enjoyed this video. It was quite entertaining. Especially since we are getting into metal detectors

  9. ENTROPY says:

    I love these diving YouTubers tbh, it’s always nice to see their discoveries

  10. BlueShineSuicune says:

    “Diver makes amazing discovery.”

    Ah yes, a penny. I am now the richest of them all!

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