Diver Performs Eggsperiments at 60 ft Deep #shorts #egg

Diver Performs Eggsperiments at 60 ft Deep #shorts #egg

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25 Responses

  1. z says:

    I would have swallowed the egg by accident.

  2. Just a Maiasauras says:

    I love how he is just chilling on the sea floor like he’s on land.

  3. ellies..vibexo says:

    The fish were like:
    Mmmm this rare “egg” food is back

  4. Daniel Zavala says:

    Shranger danger:*slurps the egg white*
    Every disease: I will not be paying rent

  5. Trixie Win says:

    I would’ve accidentally swallowed the egg

  6. Albert J says:

    I kinda think the egg spinning in the bubble ring was dope try it with the yoke see if it get scrambled.

  7. Dakota Hinson says:

    Around how deep must someone be in ft. when it becomes appropriate to stop for decompression? & do you have to completely stop or will just rising at a slower pace be okay?

    • Dakota Hinson says:

      @Jayden Wilton Thanks, I didn’t know that a diver has to be breathing pressurized oxygen to experience decompression sickness.

    • Jayden Wilton says:

      you only have to worry about ascending slowly if you’re using a pressurized oxygen tank.

    • Mr.MagicMan says:

      Decompression deals with the compressed mixture you’re breathing in because part of it builds up in your body so you need to pause at a certain depth (IIRC, been a few years but should be just 1 depth don’t quote me its been a while) but its just to even out the amount of hydrogen and oxygen in your body to a normal atmospheric pressure so if you’re not breathing in more compressed “air” deeper then the surface you’re diving at you’re good to skip the decompression/safety stop.

    • kiddiescripterkiller says:

      I think it is near 100 feet, I had a friend who dived and he was talking about diving on a wreck in Lake Ontario and said at 100′ you had to either come up slow or have a special mix in your tank, but that was a long time ago, so I could be remembering it wrong. It makes a difference on how long you are down there too. Like the free divers they go to 400 feet on just one breath and don’t stop on the way back up.

  8. Sir Poopsalot says:

    I’ve done this on a deep dive. Fun stuff. But the yolk still maintaining its shape shows the pressure isn’t as good a catalyst because it can keep a sphere at atmospheric pressure anyway.

  9. Dave Andre Bigtas says:

    I died three times trying to keep up with his dive in this video by holding my breath too 💀

  10. Glonker Donker says:

    Him: “swallows egg”
    Salmonella: “its free real estate”

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