Divergent: Insurgent Teaser Trailer

“Defy Reality” Official Teaser Trailer. The Divergent Series: Insurgent, In Theaters 3/20/15. http://www.TheDivergentSeries.com

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Starring Shailene Woodley, Theo James, Octavia Spencer, Jai Courtney, Ray Stevenson, Zoe Kravitz, Miles Teller, Ansel Elgort, Maggie Q, Mekhi Phifer, Daniel Dae Kim, Naomi Watts, and Kate Winslet.

THE DIVERGENT SERIES: INSURGENT raises the stakes for Tris as she searches for allies and answers in the ruins of a futuristic Chicago. Tris (Woodley) and Four (James) are now fugitives on the run, hunted by Jeanine (Winslet), the leader of the power-hungry Erudite elite. Racing against time, they must find out what Tris’s family sacrificed their lives to protect, and why the Erudite leaders will do anything to stop them. Haunted by her past choices but desperate to protect the ones she loves, Tris, with Four at her side, faces one impossible challenge after another as they unlock the truth about the past and ultimately the future of their world.

Divergent – Released March 21, 2014
The Divergent Series: Insurgent – In Theaters March 20, 2015
The Divergent Series: Allegiant Part 1 – In Theaters March 18, 2016
The Divergent Series: Allegiant Part 2 – In Theaters March 24, 2017

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20 Responses

  1. Emma Tibbe says:

    I love the action. But I expected more from the graphics. But overall I
    LOVE IT. 

  2. Ahmed Elhusseini says:

    Looks worst than the first movie, not that the first was bad(I LOVED the
    first movie) but I don’t recognize this scene?? Oh well. I can’t blame; I
    know that movies take a BUNCH of work :)

  3. Mish says:


  4. Sjin Sabio says:

    Hazel Grace? lol

  5. Saoni Danay says:

    That jump though…..


  6. Alex Cohen says:

    What’s with the boyish haircut?! That’s not feminist self-empowering.
    That’s imitating boys and men. To empower yourself, be proud of being a
    girl and woman. Embrace your girly and womanly naturally long hair. Only
    person saying you gotta have boyish short hair to look tough is you. To us,
    it just looks dikey or someone from the mental hospital. Womanly long hair
    can be tough too. Embrace being a woman. Don’t try to imitate a man when
    you’re not.

  7. ilovejbxkatrillion says:

    Eh don’t like it. Looks like a video game and I don’t remember this
    happening at all. Hopefully the real trailer will be awesome! I liked the
    second book more than the first so I’m excited for this movie. 

  8. skylee martinez says:

    This is a simulation.

  9. Amanda Landaverde says:

    Makes me not want to see it anymore.

  10. Diamond Brown says:

    I was hoping for so much more ..like =( 

  11. Ara Omotowa says:

    In my mind her hair was a few inches above the shoulder

  12. Michael Rebolledo says:


  13. Lucy26154 says:

    Soundtrack sounds amazing! Really love Divergent’s and The Maze Runner
    soundtrack. And of course, cannot wait for the movie as well 😉 hopefully
    it’ll be on IMAX .

  14. LetsBeUnpredictxble says:

    this teaser trailer didn’t get me as excited as it should… damn
    i really loved Divergent! it was so freaking good… but wtf was this? you
    can basically see the green screen…

  15. IndigoVagrant says:

    Looks like one of those “Dream Fear” sequences to me. 

  16. Lizzie Rivers says:

    Ugh I hate Divergent, I’m glad I never joined the fandom

  17. DYED REDz says:

    this is the weirdest trailer I have ever seen

  18. Micaela 1216 says:

    She should wear a wig, but i still like it.

  19. finnick odair says:

    the effects are SO BAD. u can SEE the green screen, especially at 0:21 like
    WTF is this budget like $10? shitlene woodly looks like justin bieber and i

  20. Ayrton Sy says:

    Insurgent was the most boring part of the trilogy and I hate that she cut
    her hair THAT short..