Dixiedo fox runs away with my phone. Tries to bury it

Dixiedo fox runs away with my phone. Tries to bury it

She’s always been a thief 🦊😂

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49 Responses

  1. Fren says:

    Dixie: can i please try this thang for once
    Woman: Don’t you dare…
    Dixie: justttt a whileeeeee (run with the phone)

  2. Quantum Harmonizer says:

    I guess it’s universal: Every canine pet’s favorite game is “I have something that you want”

    • Becky Watt says:

      Quantum Harmonizer That is the exact premise used to trap fox , stealing an reburying stolen goodys is a social game with them .

  3. Andrea S. says:

    When you could see the woman running behind Dixi, I actually shouted, “Go go go!! FASTER!!!” My neighbors are like “…”

  4. loud moans says:

    dixie is running away with her phone while giggles “HeHEheEhEheHeHeHEheEhEheHeHeHEheEhEheHeHeHEheEhEheHe” so cute 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  5. Amey Parab says:

    Her: *Dixie give my phone back!*

    Dixie: *People get bored by scratching videos Karen, let me help you with content. Hehehehehe!*

  6. Bandit The Bearded Dragon says:

    It sounded like she was laughing😂

    • Bel LL says:

      You are lucky you didn’t get the snowflakes chasing after you to edit your comment because you misgendered a fox. Have seen it happened under another comment and they took the original post down or sth.

    • Akoyash says:

      @Bel LL one joke

    • Bel LL says:

      Akoyash we are doing banters here alright everyone got some sense of humour. Not on the other post I saw. Someone is so fixed in the misgender thing. I mean, to a fox. Some pathetic people out there u won’t believe it

    • The Shadow says:

      @Bel LL agreed

    • Savvi Vixen says:

      Her and Finne’s gekkering does un fact sound like laughter when being pet and played with. I’d like to believe it is in those instances. :3

  7. Catherinzsl says:

    I am truly impressed by the range of angles Dixie employed in filming her heist. Many have already commented on the spectacular “shadow” footage, but I’d also like to note the brilliance of the grass-focused “ground speed” segment, and the extreme closeup of “floof, eye, and ear.” Managing to capture the human in hot pursuit, and that unusual foxeye view of trees, was amazing in a one-take debut film. And of course spectacular audio throughout. I look forward to seeing Dixie’s future projects.

  8. ً says:


    Fox: That seems pretty, lemme steal it

  9. Spencer says:

    Fox: “Hoomen always on phone pay me no attentions”

  10. Xyancpo Hpy says:


  11. Benthunglo Patton says:

    This fox has a future in cinematography. Look at how she was capturing her own shadow while running. Genius!

  12. MeganKoumori says:

    “You tried to bury it.”
    “You have no Firefox browser.”

  13. Jesse James says:

    She has such an eye for directing. Starts off like the Blair Witch Project. Moves to shadow puppetry. Then pans back to you in the final third. It’s like she’s showing off how versatile of a director she is.

  14. Juan Catalan says:

    “Don’t do it!”

    Dixie : *”Finally! I shall have my vengeance!”*

  15. Polaris yt says:

    Fox: so she said dont you do it

    Also fox: anywaaaays I started running

  16. dane says:

    “Dixie Don’t take my phone”
    Dixie: ight
    *takes phone instantly*

  17. Taurus Dragon says:

    Dixie be like: *you’ll never catch me hooman*
    then proceed to run and hehe away

  18. Son Goku says:

    Fox: my name is Jeremy steve wade irwin today I’ll attempt to escape a wild human.

    (Music Building up)

    0:08 : She’s on to us time to run

    (INSTENSE chase MUSIC)

    0:32 : She’s a runner lemme give you a look at the back

    0:37: Narrator ; It appears the human runs as fast as jeremy Steve wade Irwin

    1:00 Fox: damn she caught us ….ahh…..you have to lie down for safety purposes to prevent fatal injuries.

    1:19 Narrator: Luckily Jeremy Steve wade Irwin managed to escape.

  19. Hour Craft says:

    I can’t believe a fox is better than all ufo and ghost sightings footage combined

  20. Ted Chirvasiu says:

    She has that evil cartoon character laugher

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