DIY Black Bath Bombs, Corinne VS Pin #27

DIY Black Bath Bombs, Corinne VS Pin #27

Black like your soul.
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Baking Soda 1/2 cup
Citric Acid 1/4 cup
Cornstarch 1/4 cup
Epsom Salt (or sea salt) 1/4 cup
Vegetable oil or other 3 tsp
Essential Oil 1 tsp
Soap or Food Coloring
Water 1 tbs

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19 Responses

  1. Benjamin Garraza says:


  2. Wiktoria Kania says:

    Anyone else realise that the food coloring was called ‘black negro’??

  3. Mesy Mesy says:

    This is amazing. The colored bath bombs aren’t enough. Black is the color
    that I love the most, so therefore I shall make myself a black bath bomb.

  4. Me Hind says:

    Can you and Rob do the Roast yourself challenge?

  5. FactoryNew- says:


  6. Amanda de Faria Rebelo says:

    please go search for “i’m not a robot” thanks

  7. Kaitlin Hanguyen says:

    Blurryface anyone? |-/ (this reminds me of how Tyler puts on black paint
    for his insecurities, although Corrine probably doesn’t like black for the
    same purposes of course?)

  8. Maddy Binks says:

    Corinne please do more videos on this channel?love you and your actually
    productive tutorials

  9. Alva Elisabeth says:

    DIY galaxy print shirt

  10. Serena Asadov says:

    Do not add food coloring

  11. tyler tosh says:

    DIY would blackface again hehe xd kappa

  12. Solo Melody says:

    Corinne could you make Macarons? They can be galaxy but could they still be

  13. Robin N says:


  14. Curious Mermaid (Ashley) says:

    this is awesome!!!! I just made my first DIY video. Your video editing and
    content is perfect!!! <3

  15. DD Williams says:

    If you put on english subtitles, it says “Korean vs Pitt” lol

  16. TheGamingKid says:

    Oddly satisfying

  17. town774 says:

    I’m gonna put a couple of these in my pocket and get baptized

  18. Aradia M says:

    Homestuck Troll Horns

  19. Brittney Lusk says:

    Love the Casey reference!