DIY Cheezy Cloth Ghost + ThreadBanger Box UnBoxing – MVCVP

DIY Cheezy Cloth Ghost + ThreadBanger Box UnBoxing – MVCVP

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20 Responses

  1. Lolly Eule says:

    I am jealous, angry, disappointed….everything but happy right now

  2. Sofia jj says:

    what was the first video you saw on this channel? mine was the water blob
    and i was sold right away:)

  3. WHISKERS wow says:

    hey what’s up guys it’s scarce here

  4. :P Productions says:

    Like= Corine Dislike= Rob

  5. Maxine Saenen says:

    Corinne wins!!!!

  6. Edward Nayegon says:

    I don’t do Halloween so yeah

  7. Phoebe C says:

    I have the same onesie as Rob…
    I don’t know whether to be honored or disgusted

  8. Beatnik says:

    FYI Rob: Horse glue was the brown stuff, not the white stuff. Does anyone
    remember the clear-ish, brown-ish glue that came in the little round
    bottles with the red rubber stoppers? They were common school supplies in
    Canada well into the 80s, but I haven’t seen them in a long time. Anyway,
    they were made from horse hooves.

  9. Amanda Mills says:

    I think carina was better

    Sorry if j spelt it wrong

  10. Isiah-AAttak says:

    You guys should do a Man vs Corrine to see ho is better at things… do 3
    thing best 3 out of 3

  11. Alina Lee says:

    I just bought one that I can put in my locker at Michals for $5 but I got
    50% off so it was $2.49 and I just bought it today

  12. To Christ Be The Glory says:

    They’re glorifying a pagan death festival. God is ready to shower mercy and
    grace upon all who call out to Him. So instead of offending Him by
    participating in nonsense like this, why not expose it like it’s ought to

  13. Onion Boy says:

    Okay, but they’re both too freaking cute, I CAN’T CHOOSE!! WHY YOU DO DIS
    TO ME?

  14. Thesnowboradgurl15 L. says:

    I dare you to kiss in front of the camera come on get this to 180 and make
    them do it

  15. Porter Christenson says:

    Obviously robs it better

  16. Yvette-marie says:

    Umm just pop the balloon

  17. powerpuff4ever says:

    Do YouTube couples challenges for an episode as part of Man vs YouTube on
    Rob’s channel!

  18. Biljana -_- says:

    Can’t you FUCKEN do black doughnuts

  19. AkwardnessisAwesomeness says:

    I like Corinne’s body and Robs eyea

  20. Kids Songs TV says: