DIY Chocolate Cigarettes, Corinne VS Chocolate

DIY Chocolate Cigarettes, Corinne VS Chocolate


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19 Responses

  1. Panic4life says:

    Do u acully smoke Corinne

  2. Game Over says:

    she likes dark chocolate…poor Rob

  3. Lauren I says:

    You should make those glitter jars

  4. Lauren Rogers says:

    Ugh bringing up chocolates class flashbacks. My least favorite subject in
    Baking school. I love eating chocolate, but making it is just messy and
    sucks! Especially the day the AC broke

  5. elizabeth grace says:

    all u said was swear words shut up and stop swearing. you suck

  6. Rawan MQ says:

    I though i was the only one who hated milk chocolate

  7. Gianna says:

    The trigger warnings lol

  8. - Ember - says:

    Try fabric spiders

  9. Quirky 225 says:

    “white chocolate is not my favourite thing in this world”

  10. TK-421 The Trooper says:

    PLEASE DO GRILLCHEESE ROLLS!!PLEASE! PLEASE x 1,000,000,000!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Alex Molina says:

    anyone notice that she never finished her outro

  12. Chris Felter says:

    Your roots are showing.

  13. Kimberly Marin says:

    I feel the same way about chocolate. white is gross and milk has this weird
    sour milk after taste. dark all the way!

  14. CosmicCraft Gaming says:


  15. Cryastall Rudacille says:

    Can u try jelly lipstick soap

  16. [Mad] Asian says:

    smoke it

  17. Abbi Nixon says:

    Tell rob for #100 he should make a diy Pokémon go cake with Pikachu as the
    Pokémon he is catching

  18. Unicorn ._. Rainbows says:

    Oooohhh make FRIED ICECREAM ROLLS using the marble thingy :P

  19. Love in California says:

    You should do a galaxy cake with rob