DIY Color Changing Lemonade, Corinne VS Lemons

DIY Color Changing Lemonade, Corinne VS Lemons

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20 Responses

  1. dumass558 says:

    Its everyday bro

  2. Harry Strauss says:

    So uh Corinne…. who’s uh who’s your friend with the beard? Just wondering 🙄☺️ the one other than rob

  3. eeveelover 101 says:

    do a fucking galaxy cupcakes

  4. Claire Gaber says:


  5. Ella S says:

    I wouldn’t buy sticky finger kid lemonade if you paid me.

  6. kpop is porn look it up says:

    0:35 the flower that fell off annoyed me so fucking bad

  7. Sassy Cat says:

    When life gives you lemons, use them to squeeze the juices into the eyes of your enemies.

  8. Lulu D says:

    I get really excited when Corinne posts a video, but when Rob posts a video I sigh

  9. Kayla Russina says:

    My lil home girl didn’t give change back for her 50 cent lemonade smh

  10. Sami Leach says:

    Corinne vs cooking vs man vs din.

  11. Cat - says:

    *my mom walks in * “its hotter than satans testicles in here”

  12. Jo Jo Swag!!! says:

    Colab with Yolanda from How to Cake It
    Like if you agree

  13. ayee kitten says:

    No when life gives you lemons to take the lemons and THROW THE LEMONS BACK AT LIFE AND SAY I DON’T WANT YOUR FUCKING LEMONS

  14. Nicola Robertson says:

    At 1.40 I had to rewind the video because the music was Head shoulders knees and toes and when Corrine was talking I was… ummmm…. getting down to the song? 😉

  15. Luis Guerrero says:

    It’s my little sister birthday is tomorrow July 15 😊🎂🎂 can she get 15 likes for her birthday 😋😋😋

  16. Pin-o-meter says:

    Can i work for you Corinne? I’m done with my vacation and Rob fired me so i don’t think that he wants be back.

  17. WooAngelina says:

    DIY GOLD SOFT SERVE ICE CREAM….0…1.1.64.img..0.1.99.T5-fwUGRwUo&safe=active&ssui=on#imgrc=C42Wo8ka2paPoM:

  18. Julia Baker says:

    If life gives you lemons ask for tequila and salt

  19. Panic! At Mrs.Potato Head's Carousal says:

    Corinne, try these pins!

  20. Sapula McHandyman says:

    how did they convince a little girl to do this for a youtube video

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