DIY Dry Ice Coca Cola Popsicle

DIY Dry Ice Coca Cola Popsicle

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20 Responses

  1. Alex Tan says:

    Where do you bye the dry ice

  2. Samuel Kahsay says:

    When you were a kid what did you want to be

  3. Protractor says:

    can you do a tutorial of how to fry children extra crispy? I don’t like
    them fillet, but I’m not good at frying them. I have a huge supply in the
    basement, but need help cooking.

  4. Bape Harambe says:

    Cause everyone just casually has a huge brick of dry ice… Great video

  5. joku says:

    U know why russians dont eat popsicles? U cant freeze vodka.

  6. Slushy Slushy says:

    How old are you and whats your real name.

  7. Allayah Williamson says:

    Dude u aren’t supposed to touch dry ice with bare hands

  8. Triggered got em says:

    do you think black people are functioning members of society?

  9. Doc. FunkBlack says:

    Why are your hands so shaky?

  10. 【 PacifisticPerson 】 says:


  11. Mathew says:

    do a draw my life video pls and do you play any musical instrument and
    lastly do you listen to punk music and lastly I almost forgot can you do
    Sambo or Wrestling or both

  12. Lisa Lynn says:

    Do you have a science or university degree

  13. Choclate Lego says:

    why 90% of these comments is a question??

  14. Desi punjabi Hacker says:

    I m ur biggest fan … I m a true CRHian … Please speak my name .. I’m
    from India….btw I luv ur accent

  15. Blaze rod says:

    “look at how long it is”

  16. Purple says:

    What is your favourite experiment?

  17. Mohamed Kamal says:

    close your eyes and listen to 5:47 to 6:15
    tell me what you think

  18. B Pal says:

    don’t do the jump cut editing please.

  19. Buntsauce5 says:

    QnA-Do your family members support your YouTube career? And have they

  20. TheMiningToaster says:

    Q&A Do you have a wife?