DIY Flying Gyroscope Out of Coke Bottle

DIY Flying Gyroscope Out of Coke Bottle

How to Make Giant Flying Balloon without Helium –

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20 Responses

  1. RaZR Clan says:

    House tour

  2. Angel Alcantara says:

    Do a house tour your house looks cool from the outside

  3. Cyril Schoenacker says:

    “Just make sur it’s straight” […] “Now we’re gonna make curves”
    Lmao ?

  4. Vampirist says:

    لما – ارتكبت – ع- ؟- بقيت- حاسي- ب – وقول.

  5. loser says:

    this russian hacker is crazy

  6. Michal Bucek says:

    Danger is number one in priority :D

  7. Ruben says:

    Thats not a gyroscope its a type of wing. There were popular toys like this
    back in the 90s not once did they claim to be a gyroscope proves even more
    how little this guy knows about science.

  8. Jemmi Jemmy says:

    what happen to your arm?

  9. AtlaylaCP says:

    Eleptic tape

  10. Vinnsta Gaming says:

    Guess safety wasn’t numba wan prwiwaty because his arm has a cast

  11. Lonewolf gamer says:

    what is gyro scope

  12. Ali Haseeb says:

    don’t speak English

  13. Zovold gaming says:

    can some one check my channel out

  14. Nashaly Rodriguez says:

    what happen to your arm?

  15. gr8momba says:

    That land you live on and pool is tight.

  16. Laex says:

    *throws it* “woooooow look at that do you see how far it flews?” *throws it
    again* *lands in the same place* “wooooooow look at that do you see how far
    it flews? OHSUM” :D

  17. Clayton Estes says:


  18. Csabi molnár says:

    You live in a BEAUTIFUL place :O <3

  19. NexGeNima says:


  20. Maya Demissie says:

    More like DIY frisbee