DIY Frozen Pants – Man Vs Pin #78

DIY Frozen Pants – Man Vs Pin #78

Ain’t no party like a Frozen Pants Party, cause a frozen pants party don’t stop!
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19 Responses

  1. Iva Byrne says:

    U should of used warm water, it freezes faster then cold water and might of
    saved totally freezing ur balls off maybe?? Idfk ive never seen snow

  2. Miles Cartwright says:

    Is it snowing in Cali? My dad just went there with work and we live in AU
    where it is summer lol

  3. Wolflovex Wattpad says:

    HOLLAND! You have a Holland beanie. ?

  4. Angel Sanwin says:


  5. Thom Eikelenboom says:

    nice hollan hat best land in the world

  6. Paula Heeger says:

    Thumbs up for his Holland hat ?

  7. srfsupergirls says:

    We had a blizzard today too.. do you live on the East coast?

  8. Nwkha Ha says:

    just get mannequins to stand with wet pants…

  9. Muffin Lover says:

    I dont get snow where i am ;-; your lucky to me

  10. Jinyu Dai says:

    Rob, this pin is fuckef up

  11. Tam nhu Tran says:

    Imagine this, you’re inside, drinking hot chocolate in front of a fire
    place… and a guy is standing there for like 15 minutes, then he just
    strips down and gets half naked. #neighboroftheyearaward

  12. 2awesome singers says:

    threadbanger plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz do this pin it’s glow in the dark led
    laces I know your probably board of doing glow in the dark stuff but who

  13. Duncan Charite says:

    you have a holland cap :P

  14. lily forbes says:

    Your legs are so pale go get a tan

  15. Melinda Reid says:

    do boyfriend vs girlfriend cooking

  16. Rylee Glazer says:

    Diy orbeez stress ball or diy orbeez

  17. V_love says:

    Make bottled nebula!!!!!!!!!!! NOW!

  18. Eileen Lebbie says:

    aqua sand please

  19. Sam Voskens says:

    I love your beanie i’m from Holland!!!