DIY Glow in the Dark Unicorn Hair – Man Vs Pin – Pinterest Test #93

DIY Glow in the Dark Unicorn Hair – Man Vs Pin – Pinterest Test #93

I’m not leaving my house without a hat on….period.
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19 Responses

  1. baylee sanderson says:

    You should do nail and string art!!!!

  2. Cristian Tellez says:

    the intro sound like from guy tag just saying don’t be mean cake by

  3. carol white says:

    make toothbrush bracelet

  4. T5yla says:

    lmfao the guy tang intro XD

  5. Raven Cross says:

    Rob’s maniac laughter makes me laugh so hard. hahaha he’s like dear god no
    but you just have to laugh at that point. There’s no going back! haha

  6. Maxxie Monsoon says:

    You look like shila labuf

  7. Maggie Li says:

    holy shit I thought he was bald for a sec

  8. Julia Msp says:

    I Love You Rob. <3

  9. Crazy Llama says:


  10. alex m says:

    DIY Ice Dye Pillows.

  11. amber colbert says:

    @KristenLeanne @KristenLeanne @KristenLeanne @KristenLeanne

  12. Heba Zeineddine says:

    Make DIY galaxie macaroons

  13. Helsy GP says:

    Do kinetic sand!!

  14. Panzer_ Punisher says:

    Sorry my bleach killed itself before I could drink it because of rob. What
    a terrible show.

  15. Rajashree Ghosh says:

    I think I saw guy tang comment on this video.. but now i can’t find it..

  16. ertzyl says:

    calm down now guy fieri

  17. Annika says:


  18. WereWolf896 says:


  19. Talia Terrell says:

    Next time you use sharpie for hair dye try putting the ink in conditioner,
    mix it then put it in your hair. May get better results.