DIY Glowing Bouncy Egg

DIY Glowing Bouncy Egg

How To Make Glow Stick Brighter –

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20 Responses

  1. kim kimie says:

    supil cool?

  2. Chanel about Everything says:

    First time he didn’t close camera with hand like always

  3. mcracer 6 says:

    Did anyone see the bug walking in front of the UV light?

  4. Sophie Clarkson says:

    is the egg hard boiled first

  5. Twobarpsi says:


  6. Vladut says:

    are children in Africa which would eat that egg

  7. InsaneBeastX35 says:

    Vin nigger

  8. COBRA GUY says:

    man that is cool

  9. TheJsn says:

    This amazing

  10. Bryan Low says:

    dat bug doe xD 1:34

  11. blues sharif says:

    pretty crazy ha

  12. Hasan Agasi says:

    Nice.acctualy extra-ordinary

  13. The Len says:

    Ты бы хоть что-нибудь по русски говорил,так сказать фишечка)

  14. Ingrid Casiano says:

    I made one but only left it for one day and it popped ??

  15. Daus Mendoza says:

    Can you please do a dry ice with hot water and food coloring to see what

  16. Nate Vera says:

    Eat it.

  17. Flame says:

    1:33 someth8ng moves like a ant near your purple lamp

  18. Evan9ty's Cards,Games,Videos says:

    Can you eat the egg Or no?

  19. Pavel Shkarban says:

    did u reparatie ur 180k camera?

  20. GovnoSpermic says: