Today I made three different DIY 4th of July Treats! I hope you enjoy them.

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20 Responses

  1. John Paolo Constantino says:

    Ro, do:
    Percy Jackson
    Steven Universe

  2. Marie Nawej says:

    Make some treats for Canada day

  3. Amanda Poblete says:

    I always like watching these vids bc my country’s colors are the same as
    the ones in the USA flag so I can easily do any of these (I’d have to
    change the pie a bit but idc).

  4. Saskia Mint says:

    What does 4th July mean?

  5. hgjs1 says:

    how do people watch this? lmao

  6. Water Breeze says:

    OMG it was so finny when she was like “i love whip cream! YEAH!”

  7. Princess Alishba says:

    awesome!!!!! love you ro you are best youtuber! and you are so beautiful!
    and I jus want to request you that can you add me on Snapchat I have
    already added you and can you subscribe to my channel anybody reading this
    comment please subscribe to my channel!????

  8. Sarah P says:

    Ayy you call them jimmies too lol!!

  9. Ma. Sophia Angela Baclao says:


  10. dubbydubbyQUACKE says:

    wire whisk stretches monstrous c*** open.

    were any other Phandom members or people who have seen Tyler’s video
    thinking the same thing? Ro said whisk way too many times in this
    particular video.

    ~sigh~ I used to be innocent once

  11. kkcrazy_all thecolor 63 says:

    But how the plastic stuck to the microwave…

  12. funbunnyAG says:

    Do you have to add the bananas or could you make it with just the vanilla

  13. Akina Heartless says:

    oml where did you get the 4th july sprinkles? i need those and some 4th
    july cupcake liners. didn’t like what they had at the $ tree this year

  14. Peter Sherry says:

    I’ve never seen u with bright red lipstick I love it

  15. Sweet Treats says:

    Thumbs up if you think that Ro is beautiful

  16. ultratron player says:

    Ro should collaborate with Yolanda from how to cake it, who else thinks so

  17. John Lodrick Bautista says:

    I’m lerricia the sister of. John lodrick I’m. comment. that. yassssssss

  18. Micalla Garcia says:

    Love them next Canada treats!!!!! Love you Ro?

  19. Big Meech says:

    you should problaby make Independence Day cookies or cake

  20. KK Ng says:

    Ro, can you do something Clash Royale theme