DIY Latte Art, Corinne VS Starbucks #2

DIY Latte Art, Corinne VS Starbucks #2

A latte of work went into this.

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17 Responses

  1. Wiktoria Wiczling says:

    galaxy toothpaste

  2. Iker Zuheros says:

    actually i thought that was a wolf xD

  3. Pieee Perfect says:

    galaxy stress ball

  4. Anupama Abhilasha Murmu says:

    Do the DIY Water Notebook please

  5. Abcando42 says:

    The one SHE done looked like doge

  6. Caroline Roney says:

    This vid should have been a galaxy casket for Rob

  7. Sirius Black says:

    Dobby yas

  8. Lauren Oneill says:

    In Corrine vs cooking you should make Harry Potter butterbeer

  9. Star_Streak Gaming says:

    Her cat looked like dodge

  10. acexkeikai says:

    Unrelated but Corinne what is that lovely shade of purple you are rocking?
    Because I want to have purple and pink hair and I think that purple is just
    the shade I want :)

  11. Chloe H says:

    Worbla pie

  12. awesome elli says:

    you foamed it too much

  13. Azam Zaib says:

    she did not actually do it she printed the top of bigger than the cup

  14. John Clyde says:

    Corrine:Another one bites the dust

    Are you Sia?

  15. felisha fernandes says:

    Do diy glue bookmark

  16. Yellow Bellied Slider says:

    the one that she did right looks like doge

  17. Crazy Unicorn says:

    Make a homunculus