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NAIL OR FAIL?? HAHAH I’m still unsure. Either way, can’t WAIT to be done decorating this room… it’s slowly coming along! I PROMISE we’re getting so close to a house tour!! leave me some other DIYs you’d like to see me tackle in the next episode of DIY master!

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▲ last week’s video ▼

LAST WEEK’S DIY: Buying YouTuber Merch and DIYing It 2

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62 Responses

  1. Barkha Bajaj says:

    You can try to make miniature room decor for DIY master episode 9.BTW Love your videos??

  2. mariam dolan says:

    “it doesn’t seem difficult”
    2 mins later: “ahhhh”

  3. Marleen Cordova says:

    I’m so happy a video came out! Just watching your videos make my day!

  4. HOPE ST. JOHN says:

    *this is my favorite series*

  5. mariam dolan says:

    10:26 minutes straight of lauren burning her hands

  6. Jacquelyn Campbell says:

    You should do a “DIY-ing expensive room decor for a lot cheaper!!!!!!”

  7. Sha&Shan DIY says:

    This is a cute idea! Love watching this series! ?❤

    Also, our goal is to reach 15k to inspire others. Thank you all. ?❤

  8. Phoeberoarroar lol says:

    Where’s my 1 hour late squad
    …….. ok just me

  9. Hersimran says:

    Anyone else watching this instead of doing homework⁉️?


  10. SarahJ Marie says:

    Who need’s this for their room?!

  11. Jen Jary543 says:

    did anyone notice that this is season 1 episode 1?!?!?

  12. Nadia Duplessis says:

    I feel like im the only one that noticed it says DIY MASTER S1 E1

  13. Island c Yang says:

    *Where Did You Get The Hoodie Please tell me it’s So Cute!!!!!!!!!*

    • gladys mejia says:

      There’s a similar sweater at aerie

    • Island c Yang says:

      +gladys mejia thank you im gonna check it out there is one that has malibu at the back and i think thats the one she bought but its around 200 dollars cause lauren be making that cash lol

  14. Lisa Wells says:

    Cumulus cloud.And I just learned the clouds yesterday so that’s cool.

  15. Ashley Ortega says:

    Omg now I need to make a cloud lamp ?

  16. Sara Rodriguezescobar says:

    Who ever watches these types of videos and never dose them ?

  17. Azuural says:

    Do Frankenstein clothing (as in fusing multiple types of clothing)

  18. kiersyn dewein says:

    You should do a video on “camera guy does my DIYS”

  19. loriyona cornell says:

    You should put raindrops underneath the clouds and it will look like it’s watering your plants

  20. Sarah Stokes says:

    +Whitley Bell her own chanel

  21. all nighter says:


  22. Lily Wilkerson says:

    Is it on YouTube?

  23. Eknoor Kaur Sandhu says:

    I came to this video yesterday and 53 people liked it
    I come here today and there are 92
    keep up the good work brain mare and keep on making amazing music

  24. Eknoor Kaur Sandhu says:

    Aubrey Borratto if your why are you even here if your just gonna hate on this amazing song

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