DIY MERMAID TOAST – Man Vs Instagram #1

DIY MERMAID TOAST – Man Vs Instagram #1

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20 Responses

  1. Only Eve says:

    What the fuck is mermaid meat??

  2. Gmp Gaming says:

    Next is Dragon toast!!

  3. BlueCow 890 says:

    before you know it, there will be man vs Tumblr

  4. Creative Pet Keeping says:

    Toast Artist… its going to be a REAL and RESPECTED profession.

  5. ohmangoddamn dex says:

    These became so lame.

  6. onikawaii says:

    Rob please check your shit and let us know if you pooped gold after this!

  7. Rose Ronald says:

    Wow. Rob actually succeed.
    I kinda like it

  8. Hannah Leisenheimer says:

    you should call this man vs. gram

  9. scttydsntknw says:

    I bet you dollars to donuts that the “food artist” lady used regular cream cheese and food dye and just said all that pretentious shit just to sound impressive.

  10. Wolfy says:

    Omg I have an idea “CORINE VS INSTAGRAM MAKEUP “!!!

  11. Лада Федосеева says:

    I would like to suggest “drawing” van gogh “starry night” on a toast (seems possible to me).

  12. Mia RA says:

    Where do you find mermaid meat??

  13. EllenTheViking says:


  14. CinnamonMax says:

    Or just dye some marshmallow fluff blue and add edible glitter. Simple.

  15. Eni Meria says:

    It’s a shame what americans call french bread

  16. Hekla Eir says:

    I think “Man vs Gram” would be a better name

  17. Matthew Mathie says:

    Is it old fashioned to eat peanut butter on toast now?
    I need to step my toast game up

  18. P.R R says:

    Did he seriously print his own labels for canned tuna…. then dye it blue

  19. Simply Nailogical says:

    That toast actually looks good and well executed.

    Where is Rob and what did you do with him

  20. Maribeck Huber says:

    Can Corrine try to make the fluffy jiggly Japanese cheesecake

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