In celebration of Mothers Day I made these fun and easy gifts for my Mom.

Icing Color Tutorial Video:


Mother’s Day Breakfast:
* Bread & Eggs
* Fruit: Cantaloupe, Watermelon, Honey Dew
* Heart Cookie Cutters:
* Circle Cookie Cutters:
* Wood Skewers:

Rose Bouquet:
* Color Right Color System:
Ro’s Rose Color: 2 Drops Pink + 1 Drop Crimson
* White Buttercream Frosting
* 2D Decorating Tip:
* Decorating Bags:
* Clay Flower Pot
* Styrofoam Ball:
* Green Cupcake Liners:
* Green Tissue Paper:
* Toothpicks:

Custom Pillow:
* Pillows
* Sticker Paper:
* Sponge Brush:
* All-Purpose Paint (Lake Fog):

Director: Mike Lamond (
Director of Photography: Michael Schmidt
Editor: Matt Jones
Producer: Molly Lu
Special thanks to Wilton for sponsoring this video.

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20 Responses

  1. TrulyPerfect 15 says:

    Can you please do a Fathers day gift idea

  2. Jemma Irwin-Horan says:

    Haha I was so confused because England’s Mothers Day is in March xxx

  3. Victoria “VicBrony” Diaz says:

    Steven universe cake

  4. Alyssa Muniz says:

    Can you please make a sports themed cake or some sports themed cupcakes my
    fave sport is soccer

  5. Tessa Leininger says:

    my mom hates eggs but I really like the breakfast idea, heart skewers and
    the bread. Does anyone have an idea what i should fill in the bread with?

  6. Lou- Anne says:

    Amazing video!!! Could you do the same for Father’s Day ? ❤

  7. Robert Holyfield says:

    Lol art bowls

  8. Maria Perez says:

    Ro can you make something pokemon or fairy tail(the anime series) plz?!

  9. Lama Amir says:

    wowww its awsme & cute !!!!!!! luv it 

  10. Matthew Walter says:

    The baby talk isn’t cute. Its annoying and it shows how immature you are.
    You have nearly four million subscribers. Act the part. 

  11. edith jeronimo says:

    This video is on popular right now on YouTube! !!!!!

  12. Georgia Rose says:

    My b day is the 11th

  13. Jimmity Billbob says:

    Thanks for the ideas they are amazing! Really help full

  14. Heyheyhannah , says:

    That hand action tho Jazz hands all the wayyy 

  15. Thats What She Said says:

    Can you do some party treats? PLS

  16. cristal hernandez says:

    i love your videos

  17. CoDmaster975 says:

    Do the French Fry Challenge with Mo!
    Step 1: Take a french fry
    Step 2: Put a blindfold on the other person
    Step 3:Grab an assortment of sauces and weird dippy things and stick the
    French Fry in a couple.
    Step 4: Feed to the other person and they have to guess what the fry was
    dipped in.

    Have fun!

  18. Orevwa Miranda says:

    I think I’m going to try doing the first one!

  19. RamCoy 16 says:

    Love the rose cupcake Bouquet that’s something mama would like

  20. anh pham says:

    Amazing! I really like your ideas especially the rose bouquet.