DIY *NO SEW* FACE MASKS! (free and easy!)

DIY *NO SEW* FACE MASKS! (free and easy!)

Hey, guys! Today we are making DIY face masks. One option uses cotton pillowcase fabric as well as coffee filters. These are NOT a substitute for N-95 facemask, they only offer some protection. But some is better than none.

#diy #facemask #stayhome

CDC Guidlines:

Full Cambridge Study:

More info on best materials:

More on coffee filter masks:



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61 Responses

  1. Zandra Crisp says:

    I used two coffee filters in between two pieces of cotton material

  2. jin vance says:

    I just brought 2 pillowcase s a few days ago I was going to sew them, but this is waay easier. Thank you so much for this.

  3. Cindy Yvette says:

    This is our LUCKY day!!! A Do it on a Dime video on the weekend!!!! WHAT!! 🙌🏼🤗 thank you so much for this😊 I was just looking around the house to see what I can use to make a MASK for my family 💕💕 stay safe everyone!

  4. Andrea Ross says:

    You are a FN Bad Azz! This will save someone’s life and you gave it away for free❤️ #this #everything

  5. Forever After Crafter says:

    My dad has to go get groceries today so I will definitely be making this for him. Thank you☺️

    • Divinelyu Fitness & Health says:

      I work with the elderly population and it is so important for this population to protect himself definitely go out and make a mask for your dad..

    • E S says:

      Forever After Crafter don’t know where you live, but I live in Tucson Az & have been ordering groceries from Walmart & they deliver them to my door. Take care, be safe, be well

  6. Julie Brown says:

    You are the only blogger I can watch right now!!!!
    The most real authentic person!😘

  7. Sherry Hudson says:

    I read where the cotton /poly blends actually filter higher percentage. Like some sheets, pillowcases and napkins

    • Jessica Olivier says:

      That’s what I read too. Look for what’s called “quilters cotton.” With a thread count of 180.

  8. CouzCat says:

    The shaping at the nose is very important as in your coffee filter mask. I’ve seen people use pipe cleaners instead of paper clips. The pipe cleaner was sewn between the layers of fabric.

  9. J Mitch says:

    You get a thumbs up every single day from me, video or no video. Just for doing everything you do. You are always appreciated ❤

  10. Lonely Butterfly says:

    This video is such a godsend! I’ve been so scared to leave my apartment because I’m super high risk but I need to eventually go out and get groceries. Thank you so much! Be safe everyone! ❤️

    • Lonely Butterfly says:

      Thanks everyone for your suggestions. 😊 I live in Central Florida so we definitely have instacart & shipt which more than likely I’ll end up using since I don’t have my own transportation. I’m on limited income so I really didn’t want to deal with extra fees through delivery services, but during these scary times I’ll just have to deal with it until we can get back to somewhat normal times. ❤️👍

    • letsfixthisvideo s says:

      If you’re high risk don’t forget to cover your eyes too. Viruses can enter through your eyes as well

    • MaryLu says:

      @Lonely Butterfly do u have IG? or email…

    • Alexis Leigh says:

      @Lonely Butterfly I feel for you! I also live in central Florida and I’m immunocompromised, or else I would drop off groceries for you. Have you looked into reaching out locally to try to see if there is anyway to make something like that work? Like maybe you could pay a grocery store directly over the phone and someone who isn’t immunocompromised could pick up what you would need when they also picked up their groceries (so that there would not have to be an extra trip or added exposure to anyone else). I don’t know if this would work, I’m just trying to think and I know I would do this if I wasn’t immunocompromised…so I’m sure there are others out there who would – I guess the had part is connecting with those poeple. I hope that you are able to get assistance with this!

    • M B says:

      @Lonely Butterfly God bless you and keep you safe!

  11. Sarah K says:

    Our top heath doctor says –
    You need to wash your hands before and after taking the mask on and off. Also they should only be warn for a very short period of time because once the fabric gets moist your actually increase your risk.

  12. grooversify1 says:

    Stan Home Peoples. Try and make friends with the lions and tigers who live in your house with you.

  13. Isabelle Laval says:

    I’m watching from the outskirts of Paris, France. There’s not a mask to be had anywhere! For the moment either you have to be a health care professional to get one, or, if you are chronically ill your doctor has to write you a prescription for you to obtain one at the pharmacy. BELIEVE ME, I’M NOT COMPLAINING! On the contrary I salute our French National Health professionals and all the people who are working at essential jobs, BUT, the problem remains intact: no masks! Th you for this no sew, easy method. We’re in the 3rd week of strict lockdown here so no going out to buy material and everything is closed anyway. Th God we all have pillow cases! My heart and prayers go out to you all in your country too as I see on televison what you too are undergoing. God bless and keep us all.

    • chloe5susan says:

      Isabelle Laval Hi 👋🏻 Isabelle.
      6 years ago today I landed in Paris to celebrate a good friend’s birthday 🎂 ( it’s today) She was teaching college students in Germany who were there doing their internship.
      It was a beautiful spring day and of course we went to the Eiffel Tower first thing. Then to go get yummy macarons .
      Visit many churches and just had a wonderful time.
      My birthday 🎂 is on April 12 which is Easter 🐣 this year.
      Rather than be sad I’m in quarantine this years. I will get out my pictures and be happy I was able to spend my birthday 6 yrs ago at Mass in Notre Dam church.

      Wishing you safety ❤️
      Susan from Indiana 😘

    • Hobostarr180 says:

      God bless to you as well. Love from la Louisiane

    • Nati Dawit says:

      Stay safe Isabella lots of love from Atlanta Georgia

    • Mask Box says:

      You can contact me if you need mask assistance

  14. Makayla Blackburn says:

    The CDC just said they recommend people to wear fabric face masks while out in public so the pillow case is a great idea! I’ll me making my own because I still have to go to work!

  15. Fia Garcia says:

    Wow how has this even come to this?! As a nurse this terrifies me for my fellow healthcare workers. Stay safe everyone! 💛

    • Madeline says:

      Our facilities where I’m at don’t even allow those of us who do have masks to wear them because there aren’t enough to go around and it’s “unfair”. People panic bought too much and now Sally going to the store one a week has boxes of surgical masks, but CNAs and nurses are going without. It infuriates me.
      At least options like this don’t take away from healthcare workers.

    • Fia Garcia says:

      Madeline it’s honestly just a crazy time we’re living through. True though about these not taking away from healthcare workers!

  16. Gummy Bear says:

    How sad is it that health care professionals don’t have enough protection. God bless us all.

    • Divinelyu Fitness & Health says:

      I am a health care provider myself and it is not a joke out here.. please take care

    • Gummy Bear says:

      @Divinelyu Fitness & Health thank you. God bless you and your family.

    • Divinelyu Fitness & Health says:

      Gummy Bear It is very careless and reckless that’s why we all have to do our part to help them out as a healthcare worker myself believe me it is not fun out there there really people dying I had one of my patient died two days ago from This virus, take care of yourself guys do your part.

    • Jeanette H. says:

      @Divinelyu Fitness & Health Thank you for continuing to care for the sick.

    • amelie tonoyan says:

      Divinelyu Fitness & Health thank you for everything you do, i’m trying to donate as much as i can :,)

  17. taci kaylor says:

    It’s a “coughy” filter 😂

  18. nic says:

    It’s important to remember how to take off/put on a mask. When you take it off, DON’T touch the actual mask part. Touch only the straps. Then, you should wash it and wash your hands as soon as possible. If you touch the mask part, any particles in the mask might transfer to your hands, so please be careful when handling masks.

  19. Do It On A Dime says:

    🛑 As stated in the video, THESE ARE *NOT* A SUBSTITUTE FOR MEDICAL MASKS. These are last *LAST RESORT* options because of shortages and are another barrier if you MUST leave home to help protect others. 1️⃣Wash your hands for 20 seconds before putting on and before taking off any mask. Throw the mask away and then wash your hands again. 2️⃣Having a mask shouldn’t give you false confidence— *STAY HOME*. Practice social distancing/quarantine. Only wear for a short time on necessary trips. 3️⃣When you cut down your pillow cases experiment at home with thickness. You should be able to breathe comfortably through it.

  20. Seokjin Wet says:

    There is something so weirdly dystopian about this. I can’t believe we’re living in a time where we have to make our own face masks

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