DIY Packing Tape Ghosts – Man Vs Pin

DIY Packing Tape Ghosts – Man Vs Pin

Don’t Try This At Home….mainly because it looks terrible.
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20 Responses

  1. wolfie puppie says:

    Rob would be a terrible parent

  2. Demi Hally says:

    Why didn’t you just do the leg one on a mannequin 😂

  3. Terri says:

    My friend and I did this but we made a full body. We have similar body types so we just used my arms and legs with her chest and feet to do it. It turned out pretty awesome looking, but it is indeed very hot inside that tape.

  4. Margaret Boomer says:

    A paperclip will help you from losing your place on tape. Just let the tape stick to it.

  5. Bucko Mills says:

    no one called him, if someone did it would have been on his watch

  6. stiny 2002 says:

    Voice mail: You have reached Rob Czar, currently I am stuck in duck tape. Please leave a message. BEEP

  7. pudgy says:

    3:06 .. so that’s why you and Corinne don’t have kids

  8. Donovon Phillips says:

    I’ll buy the baby for $5?

  9. Johanna B says:

    Try to make butterbeer for halloween!!!

  10. yuri!!! on ice says:

    Rob looks adorable in the old time ghost costume…up until he took it off

  11. JaxZion Justice Deak says:

    For future, tape sneakers to jeans. Fill jeans with random clothing, towels or sheets — ya know, scarecrow style (ooo, scarecrow, may may for an interesting upcoming video, but I digress…). You can hang it with some ropes using 2 opposite belt loops and a shower rod. Then, tape, tape away. When done, remove innards of jeans and the rest should be pretty easy to remove as well. You can do a body top similarly…hint hint…could be cool to see a whole one in an upcoming video…like a full scarecrow! Hah. Ps 🖕🏽😃

  12. Sammymc says:

    Might have been easier to just take your pants and shoes off and then peeled them out of the tape.. just saying…

  13. DMAN D says:

    You are too hard on yourself, they looked great!

  14. c.camilla says:

    That hand was actually really… good

  15. AN G says:

    I just realized that rob and Corinne should NEVER have kids

  16. Simone Richardson says:

    He should of put some drops of red food coloring in it to look like blood

  17. Ginger Baby says:

    Wouldn’t wrapping your hand in plastic wrap and THEN taping it be easier? Lol

  18. Alyssa Cruise says:

    Use a mannequin next time 😂

  19. Ellisse Lano says:

    Rob, I love your videos but I have to say that you’re an idiot.😂

  20. ItsSummerTime says:

    You could of used a mannequin

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