DIY Painted Feathers, Corinne VS Pin

DIY Painted Feathers, Corinne VS Pin

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20 Responses

  1. I am a Chubby weirdo says:

    Hello Corrine and rob! I would love to have this feathers for my room!i just redecorated but it still needs something, and I’m sure this is it. I’ve watched all of your videos and I would love to have some thing made by you.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. Yara Al faouri says:

    I would put it in my room , u did an amazing job if I saw it in a store I would definitely buy it ❤️❤️❤️🤘🏻😁

  3. Azucena Reyes says:

    i would stick it in my room lol

  4. katie forrester says:

    id stick it above the door way of my room so anyone who walks in will have to ask about it

  5. kate wilson says:

    I would stick in in my room! My room theme matches that and everything!! I even painted colourful feathers on my wall!!!

  6. ching yi lin says:

    I’ll stick it on my dog. 😀

  7. DatBeast 99 says:

    I would “stick it” ( me 😅) in my room it look “sticking amazing”

    I’ll go home 😆

  8. Angel cat says:

    cookie roses

  9. Ronisha Wortham says:

    God dammit dammit i work tomorrow

  10. Chantal DeJesus says:

    You know where I’d stick it??? I’d stick it in our hopefully soon to be nursery :).


    I would stick it on my bedroom wall (if I find some room for it). Looks really awesome!

  12. Yuki Alton says:

    I would use it as a selfie stick. 😌

  13. Brigida amato says:


  14. Sarah Samuel says:

    I would stick it on my room wall it would look sooo coool … and those jokes 😂😂

  15. Rebecca Diaz says:

    In places where the sun doesn’t shine…..aka My closet. It’s my safe space. 😄 Probably won’t win this but worth a shot right? Right. *Congratulates myself for social human effort while sipping Witches Brew.*

  16. Sarah Wik says:

    I would stick it in our living room on the ceiling so my cats could stare at it all day but never be able to reach it. Is that mean?….

  17. Hello It's V says:

    Why is the cat me whenever I say I’m not going to procrastinate

  18. JonBenet Lamper says:

    Probably would hang it in my office. You can never have to much color!

  19. Hailey Cromer says:

    I wood stick it in my room as a dream catcher

  20. Emonnie Cheeks says:

    U should make one for your cat

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