DIY Pressed Flower Candles, Corinne VS Pin #26

DIY Pressed Flower Candles, Corinne VS Pin #26

Where the original candle ACTUALLY comes from:

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Music By: Kevin Macleod and Found at

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18 Responses

  1. Alicia Kay says:

    on Corrine vs cooking I would like you to make a watermelon porcupine

  2. teigan marrs says:

    Corinne is so funny, literally lost it when she was singing at the start
    Lol ?

  3. lynxicv says:

    rob was a dancer in this video?lol

  4. Amelia Sullivan says:

    you can eat the orange flowers.

  5. Skystriker HighFlyer says:

    rob rented his house

  6. Crystal Gomez says:

    nail polish towers!!

  7. Lauren James says:

    The actual fuck did Rob do to his fucking hair

  8. Britney Alanis says:

    You should make a hammock chair.

  9. Skylar Rose says:

    Please do cookie shots?

  10. Kalista says:

    they lit the candles for her…

  11. Kaitlyn Rutzen says:

    if you had a heat gun ( craft store) i think this could have been easier
    for you. also, I’ve done something similar with some stamps and paper
    tissue. the heat gun melts it in the candle. BUT i like how they came out.
    😀 very cool

  12. Marshmallowdino says:

    1:20 is literally me XDDD

  13. Emily Moreland says:

    Do jello caps

  14. TheLuckyNeko says:

    Yay Japan ??

  15. Jasmin Ok says:

    maple leaves… look.. “dope” i think i’m seeing a pun here

  16. Elisa Maria Mercado Fernandez says:

    ROB WTF?!?!? ????

  17. Isabelle Jaimes says:

    string art

  18. Sharmeen xo says:

    Harry potter <3 Can't wait for this November's fantastic beasts movie!!