DIY Vision Board: Achieve Your 2019 Goals ✨

DIY Vision Board: Achieve Your 2019 Goals ✨

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I’m a huge fan of vision boards and visually bringing to life my goals!! Usually my goal setting process looks more like an ugly piece of paper with some scribbled goals on it, so I wanted to go all out this year and figured I should film the process for my own 2019 goals! I can’t wait to see your vision boards for the year, and PS – happy first video of the year!!!! See you wednesday!
♡ XO lauren


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55 Responses

  1. Jennifer W says:

    Everytime someone likes I will add a


  2. olivia goldman says:

    will start eating healthy toooomorrow

    Next day: (while stuffing donuts in face)
    oh well, i guess i’ll start the next day!


    Love ur vids lol

  3. Shamizle Johns says:

    it looks like you’re already living your ideal life!

  4. LittleMissHailey says:

    It turned out really nice!!
    I need to make one now

  5. Brooke Cookie says:

    Lauren, you should totally start a bullet journal!

  6. Gamer Pros says:

    We’re gonna start eating healthy………um………tomorrow Lol ?
    Can 100% relate ?

  7. Sarah Wilson says:

    Can you please colab with Moriah Elizabeth ❤❤

  8. Mikhaela McKenzie says:

    Your vision board looks so cute! I’m hoping for more DIY Master videos in 2019!

  9. audrey Milan says:

    Love you so much Lauren you are the best

  10. Tessy Boy says:

    I was actually planning on starting a Vision Board, so I’m happy you uploaded this!

  11. Veena V says:

    I wish I looked this good when I haven’t washed my hair for 3 days!!

  12. Chelsea & Franz says:

    your vision board is so aesthetically pleasing ?

  13. Natalies Outlet says:

    LOVE THIS!! ?✨

  14. Fabiola Suárez says:

    Your vision board is goals ?

  15. Katie Tracy says:

    I just hope when I try this it’ll look half as gorgeous???

  16. Fadhila Fathima says:

    I need a collab with the Dolan Twins!!

  17. Abby Hunter says:

    lol her laptop is a vision board!

  18. Ryebread 12202 says:

    Don’t worry, me and a few of my friends had a resolution in common. All of us broke it before 24 hours was up.

  19. My Life Fast Forward says:

    I love Lauren’s DIYs!

  20. Caitlin Basham says:

    I watched this and then woke my mom up so I could go get a board. I now have a completed vision board. I wish I could share it with you but I don’t have any social media

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