DJ Khaled – Behind the Scenes of Wild Thoughts: Part 2 ft. Rihanna, Bryson Tiller

DJ Khaled – Behind the Scenes of Wild Thoughts: Part 2 ft. Rihanna, Bryson Tiller

“Grateful” Available at iTunes
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20 Responses

  1. Martha Stryminski says:


  2. BeatzCracker says:

    Who wants to work together? I’m looking for a rapper, I make trap and hip hop beats.

  3. Fire For Dayzzz says:

    Oh sexy self

  4. midda 04 says:


  5. Houss Apple says:

    184 views I m here !! ASAHD!!!????? RIHANNA,DJ KHALED,BRYSON TILLER????????

  6. Caleb Hagos says:

    I wonder what bitch ass niggas gonna get top comment this time

  7. Daniella Blake says:

    Who’s here before 2.5k views and before 500 likes???

  8. Hamid Axir says:

    Jake Paul 4life if you agreed like

  9. Its Alysha says:

    This is Homer?
    He is lonely
    1sub=1 friend
    How many friends can he get?

  10. Nadia says:

    Rihanna and Bryson back at making hits again ?

  11. Raj u says:

    Rihaana look like a doll

  12. Meganxx Nasir says:

    You know the drill
    1. Dj khaled
    2. Riaana
    3. Justin beiber
    4. Jake paul
    5. Tessa brook
    6. Superwoman
    7. Dua lipa
    8 . J hus
    9. Rea sammund
    10. Anyone
    I start dj khaled

  13. Mbtgamer says:

    DJkhaledvevo is the best

  14. - tigré - says:

    Best song of the year??

  15. Singer Fans says:

    Who’s listening while reading the comments.????

  16. Tay Tae says:

    subscribe to me

  17. ciyyaal school tv says:

    Hey guys please subs my channel I’m also subs your channel ????

  18. Alexis Lex says:

    Rihanna is so gorgeous ??

  19. Divya Khare says:

    *Guys I just did a acoustic cover of Wild Thoughts check it out!!! <3*

  20. DKG Entertainment says:

    Should’ve filmed trying out the outfits and stuff right? ?

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