DJ Khaled ft. Drake & Lil Baby – STAYING ALIVE (Extended Version)

DJ Khaled ft. Drake & Lil Baby – STAYING ALIVE (Extended Version)

DJ Khaled feat. Drake & Lil Baby – STAYING ALIVE (Extended Version)

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24 Responses

  1. Ash Magic says:

    lil baby as a doctor askin for a blunt got me dying😂

  2. Tren Genius says:

    Video look like a TV Series.. you know you on another level when your music videos start to look like Netflix. DJ KHALID a Genius

  3. Skaadi says:

    Drake and Lil Baby should have a joint album together. That’d be insane

  4. TieDaWavesLO says:

    Drake knows he can’t leave acting alone! To incorporate that kind of energy into music is what makes him a genius in my eyes

  5. Gabe JP says:

    Let’s appreciate this song now before it’s overplayed everywhere like on tic tok and the radio😭

  6. CezaMVO says:

    This is why drake is at the top, because beyond the music he isn’t scared of having fun, being goofy, he can connect with all walks of life. The baby killed it too

    • Poopoo Cock says:

      the babyyy

    • Choppa Brown says:

      @King Jrippa Nope. He ain’t nowhere near his level

    • Faith House says:

      @Gilberto Gonzalez same

    • Gilberto Gonzalez says:

      bro I like Drake but thats all his team vid man and money… If all artists can rent out a real hospital and walk around smoking blunts in it wearing doctor fits and etc man … wed feel connected too all the time… mans lyrics said nothing about anything doctor like or medical.. it was the metaphor being presented … RT thought of that and Drake paid to have it done cuz it was dope. Budget for this video gotta be out of any up and coming or even already made artist income. Its Drake tho.

    • TheBlingblingboy12 says:

      Lmaoooo “the baby”

  7. Lou Valentino says:

    Already a classic

  8. YNE CORTEZ says:

    You gone make it just keep going no matter what don’t lose focus 💯💯

  9. Better Chapter says:

    They didn’t believe in us…. GOD DID!!!!!

  10. Mhm9_3💉❤️🐐 says:

    Let’s give Drake his props. He snapped too

    Lil Baby just went OVERDRIVE

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