DJ Khaled – Jealous ft. Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, Big Sean

DJ Khaled – Jealous ft. Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, Big Sean

“Father Of Asahd” available at

Director: DJ Khaled & Eif Rivera
Producer: Bruno Breil and Alexandra Sdoucos
Production Company: ERG Designs

DJ Khaled online:

(C) 2019 We The Best / Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

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35 Responses

  1. SZA P. F. VIEIRA says:

    Chris Brown de volta ao topo… toma de volta o que é seu.. o mundooooo!!!????????????

  2. Kai says:

    Director: How long do you want the intro to be?

    Dj Khalid: ???

  3. Thomas Camilleri says:

    Producer: How many songs do you want to post today??

    DJ Khalid: Anotha one!!

  4. Salaman Reang says:

    Dj Khaled knows what audience wants from him.❤️ Bless up.

  5. Ingrid Vianna says:

    Se a música tem a participação do Chris, com certeza a música será boa.???

  6. PRIME LIGHT says:

    Dj khalid: We make new song to beat Justin and Ed Sheeran.
    Justin and Ed Sheeran : I don’t care.

  7. Jamir Bullock says:

    Lil Wayne did good with the rhymes like if I’m right and this is not his song but rip x ❤️????????

  8. luis felipe tj says:

    Another good song, I’m in Brazil, save the world.

  9. Vitor Fernando says:

    Chris Brown mostrando porque é o dono dessa geração! É o mais talentoso do mundo.

  10. Twisted Energy says:

    DJ Khaled: Peaks 3 years ago

    Dj Khaled: We still the best music

  11. Brownskinn Babyyy says:

    my eyes was on chris the whole time ??

    • nick lay says:

      how are people still begging after chris brown after they know he’s an abuser… fucked up man

    • xoxo Deb says:

      +nick lay are you seriously gonna keep replying on ever comment about him? Omg

    • Raine S. says:

      +nick lay… To be quite frank there are so many in the industry tht has done some real shit. What makes them get a pass and he doesn’t? I’m not in agreement with what he did but if the parties involved have forgiven and moved on why the fuck shudnt I?! He and Rihanna speaks well with each other…. I’m good

    • Streling Owen says:

      nick lay you can’t never end his career even if tried every way just saying this guy will always sell millions and will always have millions of fans ad will always sell 50k tour sold out so idk go try

  12. Charzy Banks says:

    It think
    Chris brown ft Chris breezy
    If you love CHRIS make blue?

  13. King Coast says:

    “Jealousy is a disease you can die mad”????

  14. Henrique Vale says:


  15. Queen Of Ghetto says:

    O mundo precisa aceitar que o Chris é o melhor <3 #TeamBreezyBrasil

  16. Kelowynシ says:

    Everyone : DJ Khaled how many songs u gonna produce ?
    Dj Khaled : *Anotha One*

  17. Lard Bacon says:

    Video was accidentally at 1.5 speed the first time I saw and I didn’t notice it… it was fucking hilarious seing those guys running around the car!

  18. manish gupta says:

    Lil dicky : i have more than 30 singers for ‘earth’ song

    Dj khaled : hold my beer ? ?

  19. Gilmar Costa says:

    Melhor do álbum
    Chris Brown ???❤?
    Maior cantor que existe
    Chris Brown é sem IGUAL.

  20. Mbongeni Siyanda Msimango says:

    The swag of Chris Brown is way outta this world, everything he wears just drips sauce….. Shout out to him??

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