DJ Snake – Taki Taki ft. Selena Gomez, Ozuna, Cardi B

DJ Snake – Taki Taki ft. Selena Gomez, Ozuna, Cardi B

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Music video directed by Colin Tilley

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62 Responses

  1. H'Pli says:

    This music video is EVERYTHING!!! Everyone looks bomb🔥🔥🔥🔥

  2. T. Chambea says:

    Selena and Cardi a whole Thanksgiving meal.

  3. Zector Z says:

    laik si crees que los latinos dominaran el mundo :v

  4. yumna asif says:

    Selena’s part is my favorite.

  5. Brayan Mora says:

    😯 Juumm está como pa dejar todo en la disco 👻, latinos mano arriba ✌ 🇦🇷🇧🇴🇧🇷🇨🇱🇨🇴🇨🇷🇨🇺🇩🇴🇪🇨🇬🇹🇭🇳🇯🇲🇲🇽🇳🇮🇵🇦🇵🇪🇵🇷🇺🇾🇻🇪

  6. ilikedoge 123 says:

    How is cardi b on almost every song that is trending

  7. Lama28 says:

    Selena speaking Spanish is H O T

  8. YoUr_ FuTuRe says:

    OMG CARDI AND SELENA LOOK 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  9. Jacksep Sam says:

    Who dont speak spanish gang 😂

  10. fuck it says:

    Selena mitad mexicana 😍 dicho por ella misma.

  11. Alfredo Mo says:

    Like si ves tu país aquí y este video ya es tendencia en tu país ❤️
    Puerto Rico 🇵🇷
    México 🇲🇽
    Canadá 🇨🇦
    Cuba 🇨🇺
    Corea del Sur🇰🇷
    Japón 🇯🇵
    Guatemala 🇬🇹
    Honduras 🇭🇳
    Nicaragua 🇳🇮
    Costa Rica🇨🇷
    Panamá 🇵🇦
    Colombia 🇨🇴
    Venezuela 🇻🇪
    El Salvador🇸🇻
    Perú 🇵🇪
    Uruguay 🇺🇾
    Bolivia 🇧🇴
    Argentina 🇦🇷
    España 🇪🇸
    UK 🇬🇧
    Suecia 🇸🇪
    Bahamas 🇧🇸
    Barbados 🇧🇧
    Trinidad y Tobago 🇹🇹
    Rusia 🇷🇺
    Alemania 🇩🇪

  12. SueSue MSP says:

    Cardi is #1 and #2 on trending #BardiOnFire

  13. Noevs1 says:

    0:59 ala le quitaron la parte que decia nagasaki

  14. Alberto Rojas says:

    Selena Gomez 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤 Cardi B 😘😘😘😘 love Selena part I love hearing her speak Spanish is hot af 😍😍😍😍😏😏😏

  15. Boring Ben says:

    *petition to make this the next despacito?*

    • Daryl Johnson says:

      Boring Ben No she doesn’t look anything like nicki. Please don’t compare the two of them. They’re cut from two different cloths. OKurrrr💅🏽

  16. Pvpii Wilson says:

    Cardi B❤️ 01:45
    Selena Gómez😍 02:45
    Ozuna los 03:52 minutos 🤣

  17. mbarek news جديد امبارك says:

    this song and selena gomez made me do reaction watch it now 😊🤣

  18. WHATS NEW SA says:

    Cardi b THE QUEEN OF RAP (dont telk nicki)

  19. Bartolli says:

    Mark my words this will get plus 1 Billion plays.

  20. mbarek news جديد امبارك says:

    i think selena killed it
    do you agree ????
    cardi why you became sexy ???
    edited : i did reaction to this watch it now

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