DMX – Bath Salts (Audio) ft. JAY-Z, Nas

DMX – Bath Salts (Audio) ft. JAY-Z, Nas


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Music video by DMX performing Bath Salts (Audio). © 2021 Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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44 Responses

  1. DJ Skandalous says:

    Why wasn’t this the single instead of Hood Blues? Way better DMX verse.

    • G Russell says:

      @BL7 Actually I’m the wrong guy too test on Tech N9ne. Been down with him even before the “ANTHEM” if you can understand that. And you certified my other statement bout people gone judge the status of rappers skill to “actually rap” on earnings! No wonder there’s so many goat titles handed out!. Plus you saying goat this goat that when Obviously you haven’t listened to or not enough Biggie to realize Jay-Z stole his whole flow. So a theif gets to be crowned a goat . Plus Jay-Z had Rocafella Records right? Let me guess you gone tell me he was the best on there too?.. When in fact Bro wasn’t in the top 3 BEANIE and FREEWAY, BLEEK would rap circles around him. And don’t even get me started on being 👑 of New York when I can name 20 BETTER then him off the top without having too think. And DEFINITELY don’t say he can hang with TECH cause even JAY would think you Goofy!…

    • Sanzzz says:

      @Lor00D Jay Z average rapper

    • BL7 says:

      @G Russell you said all that shit and it don’t mean nothing. Jay got songs with Biggie he was already a artist before Biggie was and Beanie sigel, Freeway was signed to Jay-Z so they are his artists. They were never better than him although I like them. Tech does good for himself has a great label with great artists, but he wish he had what Hov does. Like I said, you just a lil dude on YouTube talkin shit that nobody cares about. Jay-Z said it best, “numbers don’t lie”. All these artist have to bow down to the King in the end including all his old enemies that accepted the fact he’s the goat. If you said LL cool j or somebody like that, you’d have a better argument. You ain’t talkin bout nothin..

    • GudAction says:

      @BL7 dmx is the only one wirh 5 no1 billboard albums. Not only in the rap game but in any genre. When dmx came in 98 it was a massacre. He is a legend all over the world, his energy is unmatched, his concerts are unforgetable and his albums are testimony to his legacy. The way he acted with his emotions on his sleeves, staying true and being the voice of the streets, Jay z is with nas one of greatest but DMX is in his own league.

    • G Russell says:

      @BL7 Just some YouTube guy nobody cares about/ Who knew? You through? Wanna compare doubts?. you decided to follow your nitch and make a call out/It’s I who denied it heads so swollow more B**ch and say it’s all doubt/now this YouTube RudeDude threwyou in misery/Fixing to be the next viral suicidal going down in history/ all for trying to get rid of me/1 million comments and views now your saying Are you kidding me?/

  2. WHY TV says:


    • SShantel74 says:

      @Dr. Hepa 💯% FACTS

    • Mergim Halucaj says:

      @I’m A RapAddict93PL exactly someone with a brain who understands

    • BOX5 BASTARD says:

      @chief santana what? Nigga the name of this song is called bath salts! Nothing to do with flossing😂😂😂😂bath salts have you wild’n ready to rip some one’s face off, not talking bout no damn kardasians and Halle Berry😂😂😂 foh, learn what the shits about my equal yell

    • chief santana says:

      @BOX5 BASTARD I know what it is bro but I’m just saying the song old ass hell

    • Tyler Durden says:

      @Scouse Lad Clueless. He’s top 5 at least! Only rapper in history to have his 1st three album’s debut at No.1. So give your head wobble and sit down man! Put back on your Eminem fanboy earphones.

  3. Jake Burton says:

    I don’t get sad often, but DMX was one of the best rappers of all time, and when I saw he died I was extremely sad and angry. RIP DMX. We all miss you

    • Man_eee says:

      I feel you dog 🙅🏽‍♂️🤞🏽🤞🏽 Hope that anger went away tho & be in peace that he’s in peace 🕊️

  4. DJ Noize says:

    BANGER!! 3 GOATS 💯

  5. Ekume Kangsen says:

    This shit is dope. They all killed it on their verses but Nas was the illest. RIP X

  6. Dj StarSunglasses says:


  7. Royal Empire Studio says:

    “Let’s put success to the side. I’ll still be this fly if I worked at Popeyes” -NAS 🔥

  8. All Viral Access Media says:


  9. Brendon K Sande says:

    “We ain’t in no relationship but do relationship things
    No ring but she slide through when I ring” -NAS 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  10. XXYungLordXX says:

    The word “GOAT” gets thrown around alot nowadays for the worst shit. This REAL GOAT shit. 🐐

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