Do All Pornstars Think the Same?

Do All Pornstars Think the Same?

We brought pornstars together to see where they stand regarding their profession.
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80 Responses

  1. Unabashedly Purple says:

    But I think it’s fine if minors view porn, as long as they’re well aware that porn isn’t a good way to depict how it is in real life

    Edit: When I say “minors”, I’m thinking along the lines of twelve and upwards, btw

    • Sergio Buryy says:

      Unabashedly Purple ok but what if a minor sees things depicted in porn that he or she does in real life that ain’t right? There is some dirty porn out there, porn should be strictly allowed for adults definitely not children.

    • Buttered Popcorn says:

      I’m almost 13 so I guess u have a point

    • Mikala Messam says:

      the issue is that a lot of them won’t be aware of that because they’re not talking to adults, who would know better, about porn. then there’s all those expectations and pre conceived ideas about what your body is supposed to look like and (like what they said in the video) how consent works which is really unhealthy

    • King Kong says:

      You sick animal you need to be put on the chair I bet your a peadofiles

    • Antonio Luković says:

      i think porn as an industry needs to evolve and there needs to be standards. Consent should be shown, and the smut should be reduced to a minimum. Porn can be a powerful tool if used correctly, and the actors/actress should be given respect because it is an art in itself. However, todays porn is like a shitty Mcdonalds burger (cheap, available, disgusting and makes you hate yourself and feel that a persons body and wishes doesnt need to be respected).

  2. mediocre _ bee says:

    Its so weird when you see buck, who is extremely masculine, and then realize he used to be a girl.

  3. no L says:

    what’s donny name? i’m… tryna see sum.

  4. Nicole Lucarelli says:

    I wish this was longer, I wanna know more!!! Please do a part 2 maybe? ???

  5. BeautySunKiss says:

    Porn is NOT art…Entertaining, yes but far from Art.

  6. Aamna Here says:

    Porn objectifies women and men. I do find them quite likable personally. People simply assume that if you’re against porn then you must hate every woman or man doing it. I don’t like it but they’re obviously entitled to their decision.

    My disagreement comes from the fact that it becomes an unhealthy addiction and it’s one which the addicted person in most cases, is even unable to realize. It raises false high expectations just as airbrushed photo shoots of celebrities make young girls want to go under the knife to be considered beautiful based on the mainstream trend. Most people look down upon women who sleep with men for their money as their mistresses. They are considered morally empty but a porn star is celebrated because she’s aiding people in jacking off. Expectations within relationships have been made so high thanks to such factors including porn, that it’s no wonder people have to jack off to male and female porn stars instead of building authentic relationships. There is ample scientific evidence that porn messes with our brains it’s just that porn addicts like all addicts, become extremely defensive and therefore, angry to defend the source of their addiction.

    • The Menagerie says:

      I agree but if people want to objectify themselves and sell it, they should able to.

    • Brandon-Todd Hutchinson says:

      Technically anything case mess with your brain. People say that various different things restructure your brain, but that’s simply because repetitious actions or thoughts form networks in your brain. That’s where we get reflexes, memories, and habits from roughly speaking.

      If you constantly go to museums and look at visual art, you will change your brain chemistry to associate art with good or bad feelings; it’s the same or rather similar with porn.
      —Look at _food porn_ while you cook or eat and I’m sure there will be similarities in the brain when compared to looking at porn while masturbating.

      Lastly, I don’t think porn has to be these girls who look any particular way.
      What if mainstream porn were a guy and a girl, no implants or makeup, no special lighting, no drugs no injections, but just an honest connection— ?

    • Dark W ܣܘܪܝܐ says:

      +The Menagerie Why? Think about it. This is just a dogma that has been ingrained into our society, the idea that people should be able to whatever they want as long as they don’t harm others. The truth is that these kinds of acts and behaviours are very damaging to a society as a whole. If everyone was such a miserable person that they wanted to sell their body and not contribute to society at all, but instead produce videos that let lonely men stay in their house instead of being forced to go out and do things naturally, we’d have no society. These selfish and unproductive acts should not be rewarded, there’s absolutely no reason to defend it and no benefit to it.

    • Sergio Buryy says:

      Raja1938 it’s ADDICTIVE, anything can be but this has more addictive power over more people than an average thing someone can be addicted to as you describe

    • Annanas says:

      Agree! Porn is not healthy and shouldn’t take part in any relationship (in my opinion. It just mentally destroyes me idk why)

  7. Ravey Hart says:

    Me as a ex stripper i know that there is a disconnect period. Because when i stripped i got numb from men touching me . Yuck now that ive been done for years im just now starting to feel comfortable in my relationship

  8. Boi wot says:

    Half of their viewers are minors

  9. Sag Sagington says:

    Who has ever said to themselves “I love watching porn for the plot?”

  10. AJITH P.J says:

    until now I thought porn was destroying racism

    • Jordan Fos says:

      Anjel10520 that may be due to viewing numbers in white performers vs black performers. White performers get more viewers therefore the wage is justified

    • Antonio Luković says:

      How? It plays on fantasies, not on breaking barriers. The same way that movies who include a forgettable black character that brings nothing to the group and is usually the first to die in a horror movie is not destroying racism but encouraging it.

    • Whistling Maniac says:

      AJITH P.J everything is racist

    • Steve S says:

      Poor guy …are your feelings hurt

    • Dave Rhoden says:

      IMO it exploits racism. Just like it exploits big boobs, or small boobs, or barely legals, or milfs. Whatever people will pay for, that’s what the marketing targets.

  11. KnedlaDuke says:

    I literally dropped a tear when i heard him say “i don’t really have anyone” and he dropped one as well.

  12. edoardo fedrighi says:

    Being a pizza guy I swear I just deliver pizza.

  13. UnlimitedColor says:

    *opens incognito tab*

  14. Yazmin Rubio says:

    Do a SPECTRUM episode with teen moms

  15. Ballin Balgruuf says:

    proud to say I don’t recognize any of them.

  16. Fainted says:

    Didn’t know Vsauce was a pornstar…

  17. Kamogelo Mokoena says:

    I appreciate Donny’s honest contribution to the conversation. His ability to be vulnerable and open was really powerful.

  18. The Eagle Of Hope says:

    damn bruh. Donny’s hurting. I think part of him wants to quit but part of him doesn’t 🙁

  19. Freya Chandra says:

    This was honestly so insightful!

  20. Freya Chandra says:

    That scene just broke my heart 🙁 I want him to get his true love back!

    • Bella G says:

      Freya Chandra ?

    • Rory says:

      nah if she aint stay that’s her loss

    • Kristian says:

      moghan that is a great way to support the actors for sure, however I do see a problem with time, they make videos every since day sometimes different kinds, and then the partner needs to be there, like that would not work, also I dont think it can be achieve simply because to much time will be wasted before shoots, but it is an admirable way to look at it, kuddos

    • Gurung Bros says:

      I’m not crying you’re crying. Feels like Devdas origin story.

    • Antonio Luković says:

      I do not understand why he does porn, its demeaning, quite racist and lost him the love of his life. No matter who you are or what you do, no job should bring you this much sadness

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