Do All Teen Moms Think the Same?

Do All Teen Moms Think the Same?

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Maddie –

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73 Responses

  1. Jubilee says:

    Hey all – thanks for watching! Hope you loved it! To participate in future audience polls, follow us on Instagram!

  2. Grace Knor says:

    All these ladies are so strong & mature. What a lovely episode.

  3. alexandra ibrahim says:

    *how to tell your mom that you’re pregnant*
    you: mom, i was in a youtube video
    mom: which one?

  4. Kay Marie says:

    Do all insta models/ social media influencers think the same

  5. kathy says:

    The 15 year old looks older I didn’t expect that

  6. Space says:

    Do all homeschoolers think the same? because we get super stereotyped as anti social or weird

  7. Bubshies The Tomato says:

    Do all dogs think the same

  8. the spiciest memelord says:

    I’m a simple person – I see Maddie Lambert, and I click.

  9. JimmyToCold ` says:

    Do all drug addicts think the same? I feel like it would be interesting

  10. Laura says:

    SPECTRUM IDEA: do all women who have had an abortion think the same??

    • Pepperz2 says:

      HELL NO, I don’t want to see any baby killers on here.

    • Ashleyy says:

      No, we definitely dont think the same.

    • Akosa117 says:

      Pepperz2 oh my god grow up

    • Kyrstin Thompson says:

      I think thats already a video on this channel

    • Jordan Derwent says:

      Pepperz2, I respect your opinion, but first of all, there a lot of things on this channel that include controversial topics like abortion, and secondly, most of the time, abortion isn’t killing a baby. It is killing a fetus and nearly always, it is carried out for very good reasons. If an 8 year old was raped and impregnated, why would you let an innocent child suffer from the pains of giving birth to a thing she wanted in her stomach in the first place? Like, it must be pretty scary for the kid and their family.
      Have your opinion, but I think it is a great idea for there to be an abortion-themed one and I want to say thank you to the person that thought of it!

  11. _ says:


  12. Emma B. says:

    I saw Maddie and Allie in the thumbnail and clicked so fast lmao

  13. Shai Bob says:

    do all people with depression (diagnosed) think the same.

    • April De La Torre says:

      No we don’t

    • April De La Torre says:

      Bailey Caron it’s not disrespectful we understand that some people are afraid to ask for help and some might have parents who’d never understand

    • avil_ nad says:

      Ohhh b I have to be in this one?

    • KODE says:

      Bailey Caron Thanks but I can’t get diagnosed because my mom, the only parent I have, doesn’t believe in mental illnesses along with a majority of my family members. I would take myself but I’m unfortunately not of age, and I don’t trust my school counselors because I’ve experienced previous counselors using my private information against me. Also, I’m afraid of what’ll happen if I do get diagnosed with depression. It’s a huge concern for me in my life. It’s like I want the help, but I’m afraid of what will happen after because of what I’ve experienced in the past.

    • avil_ nad says:

      +Kash Boy Wonder I think it depends on the person but mostly you feel down and negatively all the time

  14. Raja says:

    SPECTRUM IDEA: do all plus size women think the same???

  15. Makayla Leitzke says:

    when maddie was talking about issac I dead ass started crying. I literally watch Maddie and Everly all the time

  16. LIFE OF JAEE says:

    Whewwww chileeee, there should be a “Do all Bisexual people think the same! I would personally fly myself out to be a part ??

  17. Mel Shafiee says:

    I would say this is the best spectrum ever, everyone was really sweet and reasonable.

  18. Sippinontaetea says:

    1% actually talking about the video

    99% talking about other video ideas

  19. yeet says:

    this is the least argumentative spectrum room i think i’ve ever watched. it was pretty cute and uplifting

  20. Rebecca Kendall says:

    The red head was incredibly articulate! Very well spoken.

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