Do All Teens Think the Same?

Do All Teens Think the Same?

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108 Responses

  1. QueenB says:

    As someone of gen z… I’m really happy with the way we were represented in this video.

    • Ciara Alleyne says:

      Krimzon Cloud because they’re educated on the current world, have sophisticated views and can express them maturely???

    • Capri -Sun says:

      +Krimzon Cloud define a snowflake because all they said was that they wanted to live like teens not adults

    • Zafirah Ayeva says:

      +TheSandyLyricist that’s more of a millennial, I think

    • Rae Smith says:

      +lil matt19 it’s a valid stress factor. We aren’t able to enjoy being young without constant pressures of finding a good paying job that would be able to provide for a family into retirement. I mean, thinking about summer jobs or whatever is okay but actual career fields are daunting, especially in a society that expects the younger generations to be all fluent in the language of coding or to be completely understanding of all the components that goes into technology.

    • Rae Smith says:

      +Krimzon Cloud lol most of us practically raise our families since most of the parents are druggies.

  2. Brad the Pitts says:

    Somebody congratulate these kids for not saying “like” every four words!

  3. Nelin says:

    these teens were highly intelligent and respectful of one another. the adults on these episodes have so much attitude

    • Teresa Davis says:

      +Daniela let’s not pretend that mine and your generation didn’t do that too. You can step down off that high horse now.

    • ahri says:

      Pettiness gets worse with age for most ppl lol

    • Rae Smith says:

      That’s how most teens are but adults tend to overlook them

    • Rae Smith says:

      +Daniela its a place holder much like the words “um” or “uh”. It means they are thinking of a word that can be used next. Delay in speech has absolutely nothing to do with intelligence.

    • Coy Amis says:

      +Daniela Damn…time to take Daniela to school. I mean, it is true that “Like” is not grammatically correct, but at least their sentences made sense. First, it should be “the fact they they said “Like” in almost every sentence”. Writing this the way that you did made it seem like you could tell when they were about to say the word “Like”. Second, the guy that you’re replying to isn’t asking a question, which means that you don’t need to have an answer. Third, the guy that you’re replying to didn’t include any of the things that you talked about. Fourth, the English that we use in everyday conversations is mostly incorrect, so it’s kind of pathetic to pick at something that little for no reason. Sawdust Daniela, sawdust.

  4. Shooketh to the core says:

    Wow Alba was incredibly well spoken! She is very mature for her age

  5. DoodleDan says:

    *Do AlL fLaT eArThErS tHiNk ThE sAmE?*

  6. ran dom says:

    Do millennials and generation Z think the same? DO THAT

    The reason I requested this topic is that most people (specifically gen x and baby boomers) think that millennials and gen z are the same. Some don’t even know that there is a generation after millennials. I believe that gen z is always blamed for what millennials do. That’s why it is important to put these two togather and see how each of them think. Analyse the differences and predict how they will act once they take over big deeds.
    And yes it may be more fit to do a middle ground.

  7. Whitney Houston says:

    sad how teens are so stressed, we are still kids 🙁

  8. eBRUH says:

    girl said 6 hours, gurl I‘m on my phone 10 hourd average :/

    I have a problem

  9. ChappyChapChaps says:

    The 14yr old sounds like she can give one hell of a speech.

    • love reinhart says:

      jas uwu maybe if you didnt base people off the shows they watch you wouldnt be so ignorant, funny how watching riverdale (even though i dont…i am litterally just inspired by lili reinhart) makes you “ignorant”. Im not the “ignorant” one. There are two genders, male and femals…like i said, like it or NOT.

    • Ariel802 VT says:


    • Coy Amis says:

      +india partee not insecurity……anything but insecurity… lets all jump on icy for being disrespectful to this god and or goddess.

    • amari carter says:

      i’m all for inclusion and being respectful of each other’s preferences, but i can’t say i’m not annoyed that a compliment about Alba got turned into a discussion of their gender.

    • Coy Amis says:

      +amari carter * her gender

  10. Beatrice says:

    I want longer episodes!! Love the content but I feel like it ends way too soon

    • thalia berroa says:

      i agree, there are so many important topics that need to become a conversation and videos like these are definitely helping generate discussions

  11. Sunny says:

    Do all rich people think the same? ($150k+ a year)

  12. ThePolarBearFromNY says:

    You know the kid in the blue shirt plays Fortnite

  13. Cake lady says:

    *last time I was this early Olivia Jade was still in college*

  14. Lorraine Rudio says:

    alba’s only 14?? she’s going places when she’s older

    • Victor Lindvall says:

      Nah it just sounds like she wants to be older than she is, the NLOG

    • Shade says:

      +Alexander Hamilton i truely dont think that

    • yungmuncheez fuegopapi says:

      +Kim Yoongi You seem so sure that she doesn’t have depression or legitimate mental health issues. Is the only difference between a kid and adult age? So if (i’m not saying she is) she’s depressed and miserable up until the day she turns 18, finally on that day her depression becomes legitimate?

    • lil matt19 says:

      +Tiger Moose yea but cmon cmon cmooooooooooon

    • Tiger Moose says:

      lil matt19 I mean… maybe?? But still, she still never said she was so … idk ??

  15. Donovan Calhoun says:

    Do all
    Feminist think the same
    White supremacist think the same
    religious think the same
    And finally LGBT think the same

  16. Kattee Perry says:

    Do all members of the lgbtq+ community think the same?

    • Gwyn E. says:

      +Champ2002 Firstly, no, that isn’t what pan is. secondly, i have a question: do you consider yourself a part of the LGBT community for being ace?

    • JAZZY J says:

      That’s a good one they should do that

    • Slenderfoxx37 says:

      Isaac Allen that’s the obvious answer for any type of group.

    • Anderson Ryder says:

      sᴜʙᴀʀᴀsʜɪɪ ೃ༄ Minor attracted people are not part of the LGBTQ+. It is not a sexuality, it is a mental disorder that harms others

    • Anderson Ryder says:

      Champ2002 same thing with aces. Many people don’t validate it , because ‘not wanting to have sex’ isn’t a sexuality. While there are many similarities, pansexual individuals recognise transgenders and are open to people outside the gender binary

  17. Big Brother Fan says:

    Taylore is so relatable. I legit can’t stop worrying about the future and I spend too much time on my phone

  18. S says:

    ok but alba‘s face?! she‘s? so? beautiful????? ?

  19. Rhiannon says:

    Alba is so well-spoken. It’s sad hearing the circumstances that forced her to be as mature as she is, but she can definitely make an impact.

  20. Grajs says:

    “Do all atheists think the same”
    As an atheist, I have so many arguments with other atheists and I want to see an agreement

    • -. Katz .- says:

      Also “Do all christians think the same” placed with a wide range of age differences, as someone of Generation Z I feel like we’re more accepting of other aspects such as the LGBTQ and not forcing religion down peoples throats..

    • sᴜʙᴀʀᴀsʜɪɪ ೃ༄ says:

      I’m ready for a fight to happen after what you just said..if you even bring up religion on YouTube people are going to try to argue :’)

    • Banana Split Lady says:

      +sᴜʙᴀʀᴀsʜɪɪ ೃ༄
      I mean, people already argue on all of these videos, so…

    • Grajs says:

      sᴜʙᴀʀᴀsʜɪɪ ೃ༄
      People argue on every video.
      I just want to see

    • Benjamin Marks says:

      Do all secular humanists think the same?

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