Do All Women Think the Same?

Do All Women Think the Same?

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87 Responses

  1. MahoganySole Hazzard says:

    “Do all cops think the same?” That should be yall next video.

  2. Jordon Bear it says:

    Stop focusing on gender while choosing a leader. It’s a case by case basis, each person is different.
    More men, or more women, is not the answer. Choose more selfless, intelligent leaders.

  3. Jessica Filipów says:

    Do all attractive people think the same?

  4. Noah says:

    I thought I wouldn’t like Cassidy, I was wrong. She’s pretty cool.

  5. Russell Valorman97 says:

    Do all men think the same

  6. Sophie says:

    “do all men think the same” next!

  7. Shaboinky Fam says:

    Do do all Native Americans think the same!!!! P L E A S E

    • CheekyLittleBliker says:

      Shaboinky Fam oh yeahhhh definitely would be interesting especially if there’s mixed and more white presenting natives.

    • CheekyLittleBliker says:

      Shaboinky Fam Oof yeah not a fan of the 1/64 natives but it would be interesting to see a spectrum ya know? Full native to 1/4 and maybe some education and understanding can occur

    • jamie soden says:

      No there are full blooded American Indians half blood mixed with a different race and then you have the 1/8 ect American Indian in them not all Americans Indians dress alike and have the same hair cut ECT ECT when people think of Americans Indians they think they have long hair and live on a reservation and speak the native American Indian language that not true I am American Indian full blooded and a tribal member I was adopted I have always shaved my head since 1996 after I graduate from high school I did have nice hair in high school I never grew up on a reservation I don’t know any native American Indian language but adopted parents taught me and my twin brother about our Americans Indian heritage by taking us to different places of Indian history like custards last stand in Montana the Black hills of South Dakota fort Robinson in Nebraska different Indian pow wows in Scottsbluff Nebraska the Denver Colorado coliseum before Denver had the pespi arena now my parents are white later on in life when was an adult I found out why my parents would take me and my brother to custards last stand in Montana I am related to to a famous Indian my great great grandma who fought next to sitting bull at custards last stand she was a informant for him she went with him up to Canada before they surrendering to the us army so no not all Americans Indians are the same just like everyone else we may be the same race but grow up with different places people values education some poor some middle class and some rich just like blacks whites Chinese Europeans Germans Australia ect ect people here in the USA the only people native to the northern American contant is Americans Indians there are many many different tribe’s and then you had the wind talkers in world 2

    • Hanna says:

      Yes please!

  8. Atlanta says:

    this video was really good I loved how respectful and wise they all were

  9. Sophie says:

    “do all asians think the same”

  10. Tallglassofbatteryacid says:

    Change the title to “do all LIBERAL women think the same?” You got the physical diversity down and failed at diversity of the mind, which is way more valuable.

  11. Shit Sandwich says:

    The girl who knows how to change a tire reminds me of the misfit from the breakfast club.

  12. shallisa duncan says:

    please do a “do all gay men think the same”

  13. Bangtan /SHINee says:

    The last question does not make sense. Who cares about the person’s gender as long as the person is a good person. That’s all

  14. Kevin says:

    Would have preferred to see women who were overtly conservative or liberal, these women all seem to be slightly left of center.

    • Ann says:

      They all sound like libtards to me?

    • Sister Tujuana says:

      My thoughts exactly.

    • Leviathan Slayer says:

      This is just proof that brainwashing is working. This is very problematic!

    • SDPRZ says:

      Slightly left? They’re very left wing clearly

    • Amelia Rose says:

      Aren’t most women left/center tho? I know that not every woman is but literally in government class i was taught that more women lean left because left tends to be more friendly to women and woman’s rights (not to say the right side as a whole is oppressive,) and just in general tends to align with things more important to women due to just how the nature of being a woman is different from being a man in this society.

  15. Rachel Bear says:

    I appreciate the concept but I wish there was more representation in this video. How many women here would identify as conservative? Independent? The abortion topic flat out showed that diversity in beliefs is not represented here. 

    The title would be more fitting if it was: “Do all women on the left think the same?”

    • Alex David says:

      +Rachel Bear I think ur misunderstanding where did I say that if I may ask?

    • Alex David says:

      +Rachel Bear ohhhh i meant to put a comma after exactly?. Cause people say the child doesn’t have right when the child does

    • Rachel Bear says:

      alieninthecaribbean that’s situation is a moral dilemma. It doesn’t prove your point. If the same scenario happened but you had to choose between your child and someone else’s child, you’d chose yours. It doesn’t mean that your childs human value is intrinsically greater than the other childs.

    • Rachel Bear says:

      Alex David “exactly where is the childs rights. I couldn’t care any less about the woman’s body” This is the comment I’m stuck on

    • Rachel Bear says:

      Alex David ahhhh I see. So we ARE on the same page ?

  16. Aleeza Kaplan says:

    The jean jacket girl just gets it!

  17. Tim Aardsma says:

    These videos should be titled “do all _____ from urban California think the same”

  18. Isaac says:

    3:05 She says that feminism needs to be a little extreme and put men down, so that we can raise up together. 10:09 But then here she says that it’s a misconception that you have to put men down to raise people up?!

    • SWIFTzTrigger says:

      +Talia Rose Barber I thought my point was rather simple. Men are the arbitrators of women’s rights. If you think pissing off men by being “extreme feminists” is the way to go. Try it out and see if it helps. I’m sure it will have the opposite effect and make more men dislike dealing with women.

      If we had alien overlords and they were more powerful than us I sure as hell wouldn’t be pissing them off telling them what I am entitled to, especially if not only did they already treat us as equals but gave us special privileges over themselves in some instances too. I’d generally be nice to them hoping to win their favor, especially if they were treating us nice to begin with.

      Entitlement and a deep lack of gratitude is your problem, not men.

    • Jay David says:

      +Talia Rose Barber No, it’s just that votin came with goin to the army, and all the other stuff women didn’t wanna do.. Many women were against havin the right to vote really..

    • susanna says:

      SWIFTzTrigger the fact that you credit all those rights women have achieved to men GIVING US basic human rights that shouldn’t have been withheld in the first place completely discredits the entire women’s rights movement , and all the women of history who FOUGHT men like you to get where we are today. “You have what you have because men allowed it” is probably the single most disgusting thing I’ve heard as an argument in this subject. And yeah, women in other countries have it worse than me and other women in first world countries, which proves women have so much more to fight for all across the globe. So no, I’m not gonna thank men for giving me rights that all humans deserve. But all that aside…. please, tell me MORE about how you are oppressed as a cis male?.

    • Lexi Olney says:

      SWIFTzTrigger so the answer is for women to be complacent? Right. Great. Thanks guys I got my voting rights everything is equal!!! Sure! Just like how gay marriage is legalized and since then homophobia has extinguished! And how slavery was abolished and now racism is nonexistent! If you can justify that gender violence, homo/transphobia, racism, sexism, ableism, idk pick a group outside of white man, doesn’t exist- then dude open your privileged eyes. Be complacent young women, queer, and black folk- don’t you dare talk about what goes on behind the closed doors because the white men will get pissed and bust you!…..
      Sounds like a good solution

    • Lexi Olney says:

      SWIFTzTrigger so no, I will not be “grateful” because the man beside me gave me a voting right. For the record- men were most definitely not nice in the first place. Let me know when you’ve taken a basic world history class. Oh- I’m sure us women asking nicely in hope of our strong men to wave his hand for us will surely cure gender inequality! Why haven’t we thought of that? Gohlee silly us. It’s totally our entitlement to equal treatment that is the problem.
      Honestly… hear yourself

  19. Honda says:

    “Do all transgender people think the same?” Should be the next one! This was really interesting!!

  20. Joyce says:

    I’m very happy that one woman was strong enough to say she somewhat disagreed with abortion

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