Do Everlasting Gobstoppers Really Last Forever?

Do Everlasting Gobstoppers Really Last Forever?

In this video we’re taking all kinds of different jawbreakers and putting them in different scenarios. What happens when you melt, smash, heat up, or split them?

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This video is only for entertainment purposes. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results. Have fun, but always think ahead, and remember that every project you try is at YOUR OWN RISK.

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47 Responses

  1. The ultimate Max channel says:

    The water bill will be very high lol

  2. A SILENT VOICE says:

    Cmon did Green Day really teach you nothing

    “Nothing’s ever built to last” -Green Day

  3. Trevhon James says:

    Your water bill high this month man

  4. The Amazing Watchamicallit says:

    I am not surprised Nate ate the melted and reformed gobstoppers, but I am surprised that he didn’t eat just normal gobstoppers

  5. Karissa Nasecapow says:

    those “smarties” are called rockets here in Canada

  6. Zander Burt says:

    You know canadian smarties have been around since the late 1800s and outdate m&ms and American smarties Canadian smarties were originally from Europe and called chocolate beans renamed smarties chocolate beans and m&ms are said to actually be inspired by canadian smarties

  7. Its Freddie says:

    Bruh…Smarties are not M&Ms whatsoever they taste different, such an insult.

  8. It’s Pizza Time says:

    Recommend: Licking a gobstopper for 10 hours asmr

  9. Anurag Bhatlawande says:

    Try this
    Now that you have been freeze drying quite a few things, take this one step further. Try to Vacuum seal some freeze dried food and see for how long does it survive

  10. gavin aylward says:

    “There basicly just m&m’s under another name”

    pardon, no there better than m&m’s

  11. BillyTheGoat 25 says:

    Am I the only one who keeps reading TKOR as Thor

  12. BANANA says:

    make jello outa the melted gobstoppers

  13. Giovanni Paraizo says:

    Jawbreakers explode when you microwave them

  14. Hadi Dorgham says:

    Guess who’s gonna have a high water bill ???

    • Shiny Ghastly says:

      Jdm skater 04 No I meant Nate, sorry for the confusion.

      Edit: I was responding to the person who was talking about water British water price sooo..

    • Sophia Stahly says:

      You know it’s not going to be that high, right? It’s just like taking a normal shower.

    • Anonymous Anonymous says:

      Where I live the water is free, you just have to pay for the electricity to pull the water thru the pipes

  15. Brian Riddle says:

    That barbecued gobstopper liquid made for a very colorful cesspool.

  16. ZKR Flame says:

    New substance has been found:
    Liquid Gobstopper.

  17. Orangegam3r says:

    Try casting something (ex:chicken) with glue sticks or glue

  18. girlsdrinkfeck says:


  19. PinkPuffy PopcornLove says:

    Can you make a wierd shaped jaw breaker with jaw breaker and everlasting gobstopers and can you make a mold with them

  20. Gameencypedia says:

    No they don’t. As a person who licked one all the way through. They don’t And your tongue really hurts.

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