Do Glasses Ruin Your Eyesight?

Do Glasses Ruin Your Eyesight?

Hank brings the answer into focus.

Hosted by: Hank Green
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18 Responses

  1. Threepwood says:

    What are frogs?

  2. Anna Skupin says:

    Got a glasses ad right before this lol

  3. Primavera says:

    The myope club!!!!

  4. Blarghenschnarf says:

    I don’t SEE the point of this video.
    Perhaps you can LENS me some money to find out?
    did anyone else have trouble with cropping the video into FRAME?
    The people who do this research are VISIONARY. I’m glad they don’t get injured in any CONTACT sports.

    I’m here all night, folks.

  5. EccentricSilence says:

    So the real question is – how the heck do you cure myopia? I’ve been removing my glasses constantly so that my ciliary muscles could get some exercise, but now you’re contradicting it. Please let there be a cure soon 🙁

  6. Emil Ellénius says:

    What about overcorrecting then?

    Edit: Did anyone read my own reply before replying yourself?

  7. Melissa Geckensmerf says:

    Do contacts make your eyes dryer? My mom and I both have problems with dry eyes and we suspect that it may be the contacts since the problems only started when we got contacts. No one else in the family wears contacts, and no one else has this problem.

  8. fidelio says:

    can bad glasses give you headaches? what about other eye problems not specifically related to the glasses themselves?

  9. ryanhatesgirls says:

    typical propaganda from Big Glasses

  10. TheFounderUtopia says:

    There seems to be a contradiction between your arguments, Hank. Initially you claim that what we do with our eye muscles has no effect on our vision “otherwise we would be doing eye exercises to correct it”, and then you cite a study which proves exactly the opposite. You said it yourself, they had to stop it because it was actually DAMAGING the kids’ eyesight. Think about that, because the claim that glasses can damage eyesight is *exactly the claim being investigated.* I think it was just done so on misleading terms (not necessarily intentionally).

    You see the ACTUAL argument is not that wearing glasses causes some sort of atrophy because the eye muscles aren’t “being used”, it’s the opposite. The argument is that IMPROPERLY calibrated glasses will cause more eyestrain than they alleviate and over time will actually degrade those muscles, or at least degrade something, causing you to become more and more reliant on glasses. If anything, the study you cited seems to prove this quite nicely. That is EXACTLY what happened, and it’s also exactly what you said a couple sentences prior CAN’T happen.

    How does this apply to the argument against using glasses in this day and age? Well, the thinking is, most optometrists do a sub-perfect job at precisely measuring exactly what prescription you need. Because the eyes are such a complex and delicate instrument, even the smallest deviation from the absolute optimum lenses will, over an extended period of time, accumulate to a greater and greater reliance on those specific lenses, and a more difficult time seeing without them.

    SO MANY people who wear glasses these days started off able to see relatively well, but not perfectly, and after a few years of wearing them become blind as a bat without them. I realise that correlation does not equal causation, but considering how many people wear glasses these days, I feel like the human race would be extinct by now we if all naturally lose the ability to see more than a foot in front of ourselves after puberty. It’s getting kind of insane, in my opinion.

    My eyesight is imperfect, but I never chose to wear glasses. My eyes hurt sometimes so I can tell they ARE strained, but not in the ways that glasses seem to do so. Because since I never wore any, my vision has remained more or less the same. Imperfect, but NOT getting any worse. I realise this is anecdote, but I don’t know of anyone who DID choose to go the glasses route who can now see without them. I know eyes degrade with time anyway, but to me this phenomenon APPEARS to be connected most strongly to the wearing of glasses.

    From what I’ve seen in life. I am convinced that glasses cause long term damage to eyesight, and I reason that this is because they are rarely calibrated perfectly for the wearer. I am open to being convinced otherwise, however. But I think that the same intellectual honesty should behove you to acknowledge that in trying to do so, you couldn’t get two minutes into this video before contradicting your most basic and emphatic claim. This warrants addressing.

  11. UrvineSpiegel says:

    I remember back in grade school, before contact lenses were a thing, People would often wonder why people with glasses were frequently so smart.

     Its not because smart people need glasses, its because smart people are smart enough to wear glasses when they need them.

  12. Damian Flynn says:

    This seems fake to me. He didn’t even try to explain why there’s an epidemic of short sighted people. The theory I was familiar with says that the lens muscles contract to focus on near objects which can distort the eyeball over time if this is done continuously. So you need to stop looking at books and your phone, and spend more time outside. Children should wear glasses which make objects appear further away so they can relax their lens muscles.

  13. brinapeanut says:

    I love when people tell me that “GLASSES MAKE YOUR EYESIGHT BAD SO DONT WEAR THEM!!!!” Because, like, my prescription is -4.75… There is no “don’t wear your glasses” for me, unless someone would like to get me a super well-trained dog.

  14. The Poppins says:

    How did humans pre glasses deal with poor eye sight

  15. Surpuppa says:

    I got a question: Why is my dick small?

  16. Luke Biddle says:

    Well I’d much rather have reasonable vision without wearing glasses than excellent vision whilst wearing them and terrible vision for some time after taking them off. That’s been my experience.

  17. KingsleyIII says:

    I’ve heard myths that claim that hearing aids make you go deaf quicker in a similar way, which is ridiculous. All they do is make the sounds loud enough that the hard-of-hearing person can hear properly. There are no “hearing muscles” that get weaker and more dependent on the hearing aids. Seriously, who makes this up?

  18. tennisdude52278 says:

    I used to wear glasses and then I got vision therapy when I was a kid which consisted of several different eye exercises and now I don’t need glasses. So when he said you can’t do exercises to strengthen your eye muscles to eliminate the need for glasses,
    he was wrong.

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