Do NOT Try This Gender Reveal at Home | Shay Mitchell

Do NOT Try This Gender Reveal at Home | Shay Mitchell

Shay wanted to surprise Matte with a gender reveal that would keep him guessing, but it was a surprise for her too – so they left it up to Shay’s assistant Liz to do the planning. They saw a lot of gender reveals that involved pink and blue cake and balloons, but thought a touch of drama would really set this one apart from the rest…. So what do you think? Boy or girl??

Shot and edited by: David Alvarez @davalva
Pink Ranger: Elysia Rotaru @elysiarotaru
Blue Ranger: Lawrence Longo @bigshot

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48 Responses

  1. Celeste says:

    4:13 Her man’s a little on the slow side *YES THAT THE WHOLE POINT OF THE FIGHT TO REVEAL THE GENDER* ?

  2. Princess K says:

    When she said we not having twins when they was coming down the stairs.?? I bust out laughing sooo loud I hope I didn’t wake no One In the house. ?

  3. Devon Crook says:

    Wow does anyone just say Congratulations anymore? My goodness. Every comment was so mean i had to stop reading. Congratulations on your baby girl!!! Simple!! Love you guys!!
    Ps..I was terrified when finding out i was having a boy, its natural!! Xoxo

  4. HiHer Nation says:

    ….his vibe and attitude are so off putting ..its okay to be not happy for a sec but dang you’re bringing a baby girl into the world with a gorgeous woman whom you care for happy a bit

  5. Leslie Huynh says:

    super anticlimactic but an absolutely genius idea for a reveal, it was hilarious and so much fun i loved it!

  6. Freddi nicole says:

    Me: a blue ranger walks out OMG ITS A BOY
    pink ranger walks out

    Me: wait hold up

  7. Hailey M98 says:

    I hope he’s sweeter than he was on camera but trying to not judge this first impression! Love y’all

  8. Nicoleyyy says:

    “I didn’t know if you guys are joking or not”
    “No we’re just dying”

  9. allie bloodworth says:

    She was rude to her mom!!!!!!
    The couple didn’t even act like they liked each other 🙁
    They don’t look happy at all

  10. Zea DeMar says:

    Daaaaamn he didn’t want a girl ? ? I feel when Shay looks at this she’s gonna feel disappointed ☹️

  11. Erandi Suarez says:

    And that attitude means anything?
    It was uncomfortable to see guys.
    Anyway, congratulations?

  12. Sophie says:

    ooooh this was a tad uncomfortable to watch, from the way you spoke to your mum, and the reaction ahhh

    • Raven Mason says:

      The part when her mom said she’s on the bus threw me off even more tbh. I couldn’t be rich/famous having my mom riding the bus.

    • ChristyAlex says:

      Raven Mason he mum is probably rich herself. Also loads of people take public transport every now and then

    • Leoni Tayamen says:

      True! So disrespectful.

    • Sivanee Mercado says:

      Raven Mason it may have been a tour bus or something if she’s on vacation

    • Didusnsnjd Sksususjsnjd says:

      Sophie honestly what I think I loved her so much she was so sweet and caring and I love her on pll but this was like quite awkward to watch the reaction…. the way she speaks to ppl , the boyfriends face when they were fighting like not interested like

  13. Chalhoub Maria-Rita says:

    Why her boyfriend seemed unhappy and angry like, boy you’re having a child be happy ??‍♀️??‍♀️But anyways congrats ???❤️

  14. PinkDiamond7777777 says:

    “Why you… We’re supposed to go call for call. Why’s it always about her?” Can’t, LOL! ?

  15. PinkDiamond7777777 says:

    “I didn’t know if you were joking or not.”
    “No, we were just dying.” So 2019.

  16. Sarah Hanson says:

    4:10 IT TOOK HIM THAT LONG TO FIGURE OUT THE CONCEPT PFFFFFFFT literally a minute and a half

  17. Araxbella S says:

    A great representation of how two sperm cells fight to the finish line 🙂

  18. Madison M says:

    I think he was frustrated BECAUSE he wanted to be involved and she took over. And I think he thought the gender reveal was odd. It was a lot of build for an anticlimactic reveal. And I just don’t think it hit either of them yet. Everyone reacts and processes things differently. A 6 minute video of them is not reflective of their relationship or how fit they are to be parents.

  19. victoria baldwin says:

    everything about this was uncomfortable. from the phone calls at the beginning all the way to the confusing gender reveal at the end.

  20. Mina McGarry says:

    Both of they’re vibes are just weird and off putting but still I’m happy for you guys and wish u luck and hope you will be great parents

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