Do Republicans Hate Women?

Do Republicans Hate Women?

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The Republican Party platform is staunchly against progressive policies aimed at protecting women’s freedoms. They’ve voted against abortion rights, equal pay, and birth control access (to name a few.) All of these protections under the law are intended to give women equal rights…so does that mean republicans just kinda hate women? And where do so-called “family values” come into play?

Carly Fiorina Planned Parenthood Lies:

Republicans Blocking Paycheck Fairness Act:

Unequal Pay:

Women & The Affordable Care Act:

Texas Republican Rape Comments:


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20 Responses

  1. Grant Weaver says:

    sooooo much BS. just another person throwing there opinion around a calling
    it fact. really, what you’re going to stereotype Republicans, but say how
    awful Republicans are for stereotyping? I don’t fit in any of those
    stereotypes that she listed and I’m Republican.

  2. steelersfan 97 says:

    How stupid would it be to call something an “Anti-Rape Bill”. You can’t
    call it that, it just doesn’t make sense. Rape is already illegal, call it
    something else

  3. Luis says:

    how can anyone defend republicans…

  4. christachio0003 says:

    So liberal omg

  5. bdgil1 says:

    Yeah this is totally not biased…

  6. Dug ahole says:

    is that chelsea’s twin spreading liberal agenda

  7. CplSteve says:

    except all the GOP candidates are better than anyone running in for the

  8. Asco Cisco says:

    lets start with the big problem with this “feminist” criticism .

    1. mandating wages is not the job of the federal government. wages are
    established by the business owners based upon the value of the labor of
    which the business owner sees as being fair for the experience the worker
    has and for the amount of capital that the business owner has to pay.
    governments have no sustainable method of setting wages simply because the
    government cant understand the finances of each business.
    2. woman are payed less not because of some evil sexist conspiracy theory
    but simply because woman are different from men. woman are more likely to
    go into fields or job positions which pay less. also some woman have
    children and go on leave which makes woman even more expensive to hire. I
    have no shame in saying this because its the truth. woman by definition are
    not men. woman have more necessities, therefore they are more expensive to

    lets say this law did pass. The most obvious consequence that this
    legislation would cause is the incentive for companies and small businesses
    to hire less woman, since this law would mandate 3 months paid leave,
    complete health coverage, and many other ticky tack fees the government
    would mandate as well, woman in the workforce would by a dying species,
    such as the dodo bird.

    as a gay volentaryist man living in los angeles, ive run into too many
    useful idiots like the one hosting this video to see the flaws in these
    they should call this channel MTV brainless

  9. Robert Young says:

    and yet another waste of a mind promoting issues with no real solutions.
    instead of spewing that obvious, why not use your viewership to teach them
    about entrepreneurship, leadership, etc. This is WHY the avg household
    income is 50k, because everyone is “too busy” watching this crap.

  10. bluejay1611 says:

    Do Republicans hate women? Why ask that question when you’re already know
    the answer to it? Yes, the Republican Party hates women. Why? It is because
    you really didn’t explore rightness of the issue did you? You posed the
    question from YOUR POLITICAL LENS meaning that, regardless of whether they
    actually hate women or not, or see why they support and/or oppose things
    you’re going into the question as a partisan, NOT an honest and objective
    inquisitor. Maybe you should have titled this video “Do Republicans hate
    Women based on Feminist and/or Liberal Issues I believe in”

    Let me give you an example. “Do Democrats hate the 2nd Amendment”?

    If I wanted to really see if they do hate the 2nd Amendment, I would see
    what they say about gun rights, how they value the “… Right of the people
    to keep and bear arms….” I would find out that not only there are a lot
    of Democrats who doesn’t hate the 2nd Amendment, but some even possess
    firearms of their own in recognition that it is for self defense, not
    merely for sports and hunting purposes, albeit support more restrictions on
    firearms ownership … not BAN them.

    However, if I were to go into it with determining whether they hate the 2nd
    Amendment based on what I BELIEVE:

    1. Do they infringe upon the 2nd Amendment (meaning “Are they in favor of
    any restrictions at all”)?
    2. Do they want to ban assault rifles?
    3. Do they oppose inter-state uniform laws allowing citizens to Conceal
    Carry from state to state?.

    Then I would give the Democrats a failing grade, call them “Socialist “.
    and/or “Communists”.

    Stay Mad Y’all.

  11. Chris Bona says:

    Anti-rape bill…….. Rape is illegal u stupid bitch. I cant stand how
    in-your-face and ignorant she is……….

  12. Aroun “the man” Awasthi says:

    But Hillary Clinton is better

  13. Naked Solid Snake says:

    God DAMMIT! I watched the video! Now will you please get off of my
    suggested video feed?
    For Fuck’s Sake!

  14. Austin Cavitt says:

    Vote Cruz!

  15. STREET FIGHTER Z says:

    Take your shoes off and get back in the kitchen!….oh yeah, and SHUT UP!

  16. . Ryan says:

    This channel gives me cancer

  17. Mimi Lyric says:

    laci!!!! please make a video or ten about planned parent hood. its so

  18. Roldy says:

    People still think American women earn 78% of what men earn for the exact
    same work? Hasn’t that myth been debunked hundreds of times?

  19. Rejected Rothschild says:

    Glasses do not make you smart. Now make me a sandwich.

  20. Allie Flahive says:

    Ben Carson- an African American republican
    Carly Fiorina- a female republican

    So all republicans hate you if you aren’t a white male. I’m pretty sure Ben
    Carson isn’t discriminatory towards African Americans considering he is
    one. I’m pretty sure Carly Fiorina isn’t discriminatory towards females
    considering she is one. You’re logic is so off.