Do Robots Deserve Rights? What if Machines Become Conscious?

Do Robots Deserve Rights? What if Machines Become Conscious?

What shall we do once machines become conscious? Do we need to grant them rights?

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Do Robots Deserve Rights? What if machines become conscious?

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20 Responses

  1. Ghast the Otaku says:

    Well, if we’re gonna be lazy enough to create minds to think for us, maybe they should just wipe us out and replace us.

  2. Name Mrname says:

    Get everyone on the same level.
    People starve while we are planning to go to mars and give robots rights. Where are our priorities?

  3. Titan Fall says:


  4. Angel Lima says:

    Just destroy the first robot that demands their rights

  5. Steve Harvey Is The Illuminati says:

    H A V E Y O U E V E R Q U E S T I O N E D T H E N A T U R E O F Y O U R O W N R E A L I T Y ?

  6. Rocc says:

    I love the BMO and 2001 the space odyssey references

  7. Summy99 says:

    I believe an entity deserves rights if it is capable of feeling pain and pleasure. Why we would ever program a robot that is capable of that, I’ve no idea. In the case of simulated torture to force robots to do our bidding, there is no need. A robot does exactly what it is programmed to do.

  8. Archons says:

    That is why you should leave robots to being robots and nothing more , stop with the Artificial intelligence bs, create robots to do stuff , not to think about stuff.

  9. Konrad Klysz says:

    A wonderful vegan message 😀

    The answer is easy, meta Ethics, preserve sentient life as practically possible 😀 So simple and does so beautiful <3

  10. RoboticusMusic says:

    They can’t become conscious. Dunno why people think that’s possible. Not unless you have a biological component to them.

  11. Martin Illuminertix says:

    islam is (not) a religion of peace

  12. The Dare 14 says:

    this is alot more deep than i thought I’d be

  13. Mosh says:

    Jesus. These videos are top notch. Music, dialogue, animation, everything.

  14. minigunexo says:

    Mommy when I grow up I want to become an Omnic!

  15. Valkarez says:

    “i cant believe youve done this”

    i lost it

  16. Noah Iwasaki says:

    robots can’t become conscious, though.

  17. mrmadface25 says:

    you would literally need to program it to demand rights

  18. Dan Reynolds |-/ says:

    Please no, we don’t need Skynet to be a reality

  19. Atri Richards says:

    The pain with the highest pain index: Stepping on a Lego 2:32

  20. GrantKP says:

    @2:00 (robot toaster): “I’m alive! where my rights at”
    (Minority group): “Get in line”

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