Do Teens Know 2000s Music? #21 (React: Do They Know It?)

Do Teens Know 2000s Music? #21 (React: Do They Know It?)

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Do Teens Know 2000s Music? #21 (React: Do They Know It?)

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27 Responses

  1. Itachi says:

    Jaxons got the dance moves of a male stripper

  2. Dovyeon says:

    Can’t wait till 2020 and they do “Do Teens Know 2010s Music?”

  3. kidznstuff says:

    Imagine Dragons? COLDPLAY SWEETIE

  4. Jorge Pagaza says:

    Clocks by Coldplay is from 2002, not 2003. And again, where the hell is Dido? ItΒ΄s the noughties, for GodΒ΄s sake.

  5. Saimeren says:

    Maybe.. Instead of coming on at the end and saying “Stop requesting because we’ve already done it.. Go search the videos”

    You could make a google doc. and post that in the description. If you outlined all the bands/artists you’ve had people react to and list the episode next to it, we could actually go find the one we want.

    I’m not about to search through 1,447 video just to find out that you haven’t reacted to my band yet. Or search through 1,447 videos just to find the one video where you had a 30 second clip in the “do they know it” videos.

  6. Dyno Luke says:

    Pedant moment:

    actually, Stronger was not a collaboration between Daft Punk and Kanye as in fact, they never hit the studio together. Kanye simply sampled their song and gave them credits on the track. In fact, Stronger even hit the top of the American chart in 2007 but Billboard did not count it as Daft Punk’s first number one in the US because it is not a song they made. Daft Punk’s first and only number one song ever in the US is “Starboy” an actual collaboration with The Weeknd, which hit the top in 2017.

    Check mate

  7. Rebellen007 says:

    Jaxon, no sugar for you, lmao.

  8. Malajah says:

    Teens React to Aaliyah!

  9. Bryce Legend says:

    Did you know: Daft punk are the first artist to be featured twice in the same episode of “Do they know it?”

  10. Jay Park says:

    Kids React to Carrie Underwood

  11. Callum Jones says:

    Gorillaz – Fell Good Inc
    Owl City – Fireflies
    Rihanna – Disturbia
    Stacy’s Mom – fountains of Wayne

  12. Lance Smith says:

    One more time by daft punk my jam

  13. stephanie reeves says:

    girl said puddle of mudd was nickleback…facepalm from hell!!

  14. Kelvinκ°•λ‹€λ‹ˆμ—˜ λ‚¨νŒ¬ says:

    Haha Jaxon’s so hyped .. he looked like a wiggling gummy worm πŸ˜…

  15. Tone Anakin says:

    Wait… Alberto knew a song?!

  16. Lianne Ilejay says:

    Jaxon’s facials and dance moves were everything this ep XD

  17. Genuinely Gage says:

    I feel like Jaxon had like three energy drinks before this episode πŸ˜› HE WAS TURNED UP 100% this episode!!

  18. Gemmy Aquarius says:

    Not gonna lie, a little offender that Puddle Of Mud was confused for Nickelback, though I actually enjoy POM’s music.

  19. Jack McDonnell says:

    REACT to biffy clyro

  20. Malorie says:

    For the next one, use these:
    1. β€œThe Real Slim Shady” by Eminem (2000)
    2. β€œButterfly” by Crazy Town (2000)
    3. β€œFighter” by Christina Aguilera (2003)
    4. β€œTrapped in the Closet” by R. Kelly (2005)
    5. β€œHeaven” by DJ Sammy (2001)
    6. “My Immortal” by Evanescence (2003)
    7. β€œStacey’s Mom” by Fountains of Wayne (2003)

  21. Exotic Bunny says:

    Do a game play of The Watson- Scott test please

  22. Ishua Fairley says:

    React to NCT 127

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