Do Teens Know 90s Music? (Michael Jackson, Metallica, Tupac) | REACT: Do They Know It?

Do Teens Know 90s Music? (Michael Jackson, Metallica, Tupac) | REACT: Do They Know It?

Teens listen to 90s music but do they know the songs?
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Do Teens Know 90s Music? (Michael Jackson, Metallica, Tupac) | REACT: Do They Know It?

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38 Responses

  1. Alina C says:

    Funny that the girl who picked MGKs rap devil over eminems killshot does know Tupac, I was shocked I thought she never heard real Hip-hop ???

  2. Mighty Mad says:

    3:28 *Slayer’s song???*
    Man, this girl obviously NEVER HEARD one single Slayer track before!

  3. Marko Jaman says:

    Thank you for playing a Metallica song that is not Enter Sandman or Nothing Else Matters

  4. Evelyn489 says:

    Please, react to grunge: Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, Nirvana!

    • AlinzPark says:

      I’m surprised Nirvana wasn’t in this since “smells like teen spirit” was easilly one of the most popular songs of the 90’s.

  5. Darren Sholes says:

    To be fair, Until it Sleeps by Metallica is not one of their popular songs imo

  6. 7moonwalker7 says:


  7. shallowlord says:

    I’m surprised thatn no one knew Metallica…

  8. Chris Wincek says:

    wow nobody knows who Metallica is for shame.

  9. Vratislav Medřický says:

    I’m still sad about that Metallica fail 🙁

  10. toni tiittanen says:

    “This sounds like one of those Slayer songs.” well, it’s Metallica, but nowhere near thrash metal…

  11. Jovana Jovičić says:

    It is sad how nobody knows Metallica

  12. Frisk Dreemurr says:

    How…how did NOONE know Metallica?? Now i just wanna ?

  13. Hot Chocolate says:

    Who the HELL didn’t get MJ?

  14. epicbttf121 says:

    I said it on the other video and I will say it on this one. Greenday is my favourite band of all time and is one of the best. My favourite song by them is wake me up when September ends. I was raised on greenday and I’m 17 now and still love the band.

  15. Efuh _ says:

    no nirvana? 🙁

  16. Holly Golightly says:

    wtf why they didn’t noticed that the first song is by GREEN DAY ??? that makes me sooo sad

  17. Melinda Mercier says:

    The MJ one shoulda been 10/10. No excuses! lol Also, CAN WE PLEASE HAVE A TEENS REACT TO AALIYAH?!?! PRETTY PLEASE?! ??????

  18. ceasar sambo says:

    React to to clout Cobain from denzel Curry

  19. Chris Alvarez says:

    These kids never know Metallica and it pains me.

  20. Jason Orefice says:

    I know I’m getting old when some of these kids haven’t heard Green Day especially one of their mainstream songs

  21. Isaiah Rodgers says:

    React to scarlxrd and ghostemane plzzzzzzzzzzzzplzzzzzzzzzzzz

  22. The Dude says:

    2:06 – I only heard one teen get the name correct. The song is not _Time of Your Life_ it’s Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life). Yes, I am being picky, but facts are facts.

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