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20 Responses

  1. CaseyNeistat says:

    that really is my 7th grade principal. when i was 12 he told me i’d be a loser, that i’d ‘either be working at a gas station or in jail when i grow up’. never discourage a child. fuck that guy.

  2. IMax says:

    1:40 who’s that youtuber?

  3. Sai Golkonda says:

    Casey Neistat can make advertisements really enjoyable and give some meaning to them…..

  4. Elijah O says:

    THe best vid Casey, and F=8k all you f-ing haters! G.O.A.T

  5. Kevin Deegan says:

    Unreal Video this is literally my mother lmao. She just wants me to sit down and study for the 2 years I have left in school then go for 4 more years of prison and killing creativity in college and study something like pharmacy/pharmaceuticals, Just because “I’d be capable to get that” if I got good enough results after school. But I want to do films and don’t want to waste my life having money from a cushy job I have no interest in, dying an insignificant being and with no legacy XD. Even if I don’t go to film college I don’t want to waste years of my life in college to get a job “I’m capable of getting” just for money and an easy life which is what she wants. That would be such a sad life for me but when I bring up film college or doing films she just shuts it down and says I should ‘do it as a pasttime’ when I do have that job “I’m capable of getting”. And when she “What jobs are there in film?” I just think to myself; “If there was one thing I would do with money, it would be to get away from the motivation-killing prison that is this school life and life with my mother and then have the freedom to make films”

  6. Nic Sgetti FPV says:

    Can I use your metaphor of the titanic as a senior quote? That is awesome!

  7. SnX Scarius says:

    This should be the home video on youtube.

  8. You like jazz? says:

    That’s it, I’m moving to Mexico and becoming a drug lord

  9. Nonameslol says:

    they are the Titanic and “we are the fucking iceberg” – Casey Niestat 2017

  10. Expired Milk says:

    I feel like this is only directed to Youtubers. still great video though

  11. Mark says:

    OMG guys , this is amazing : *youtube­­*.*­­c­­o­­m/watch?v=v1thgau5Ers*

    do what you can !

  12. Amanda Marie says:

    this is incredibly inspiring! it makes me want to work harder and do what i love to do rather than what’s expected of me❤❤

  13. Milin Patel says:

    sponsored by Samsung.

  14. Conner Mylenbusch says:

    The best/motivational video ever

  15. Trevor West says:

    Better than YouTube rewind >>>

  16. King_of_Random says:

    that was one of the most inspiring videos I’ve ever seen

  17. Jasmine Wong says:

    By far one of, if not the, best videos I’ve ever seen. So much love for you, Casey 🙂

  18. strangedark says:

    I’m heading out to the grocery store, anybody need anything?

  19. Megz Bartsch says:

    This video is AMAZING ??????????

  20. I Am Haz says:

    Preach papa preach!
    Also papa bless.

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