Do you feel bad for Scottie Pippen? | First Take

Do you feel bad for Scottie Pippen? | First Take

Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman and Mike Greenberg discuss Scottie Pippen’s contract situation with the Chicago Bulls highlighted in episodes 1 and 2 of “The Last Dance.”
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103 Responses

  1. King Wani says:

    Absolutely hes a max player getting payed the mid level exception

    • Sebastian Martinez says:

      @Kawhi’s Uncle Dennis jordan a billionaire now & im sure Scottie got a couple hundred million. But he can make money off his name easily now.

    • Tamarka Diggins says:

      Mid? 😐

    • Dramahawk Promotions says:

      @Moses working From other teams? Because he had many players making more. That’s around the time $100 million dollar contracts came out

    • Space Alien says:

      @Sebastian Martinez , lol at a couple hundred. no, larissa pippen made sure of that. btw, athletes who “got” a couple hundred milllion wouldnt be working in espn. they would be retired.

    • Notorious Baby J says:

      @Moses working He was 122nd in salary league-wide that last season with the bulls.

  2. Tony Snell says:

    Who TF was Pippen’s agent??? 🤦‍♂️

  3. Kyron Potential says:

    Was Stephen A lagging?? Tell that man test his connection and rejoin the party

  4. Jack Drew says:

    Imagine signing an $18M – 7 year contract extension in today’s NBA. 💀💀💀

  5. M says:

    It breaks my heart when he talked about his father and brother. I’m glad he took care of them.

    • しゅんくん says:

      M That’s where the part people don’t get. He signed the contract because he wants financisl security, he has a large family to take care of. Sure, It wasn’t smart of
      him to sign that contract but you can’t blame him either as after he signed the contract the NBA took off.

    • ꧁WorldIsCold꧂ says:

      しゅんくん the thing was the Bulls management knew this and did Scottie wrong !

    • しゅんくん says:

      ꧁WorldIsCold꧂ Well, There will always be a tyrant in every business. I don’t blame Pipp tho.

    • Joe A says:

      ꧁WorldIsCold꧂ typical Jew behavior, nothing matters just make as much profits as possible.

    • 1990758 says:

      Exactly I think that’s one of the reasons why he signed a contract so fast

  6. The Goat says:

    Scottie was criminally underpaid. He should sue for robbery.

  7. Daniel Scott says:

    I feel bad that Future banged his wife

  8. Thanos says:

    Scottie Pippen got robbed.

  9. Ken Marshall says:

    Scottie pippen should have fired his agent before the paperwork 💯

  10. Forever Gooner says:

    I remember Jordan and Pip had terrible contracts.

  11. Bille says:

    It’s a crime that Pippen never got a Defensive Player of the Year award.

    • Michael Pun says:

      Aaron9 that’s misleading since they were defensive specialist that only needed to play defense.

    • drkdze says:

      @Oobz Ruger you are either nuts or never saw MJ play because MJ deserved the DYOP he got plus he won the MVP that season. He was a beast on both side of the ball, go check the stats young fella! SMH

    • Red HawK13 says:

      Tommy Israel still hard to argue against Hakeem and guys like Robinson. These guys are getting almost 2 steals a game and blocking another 3 shots. Then you include the advanced stats, defensive win shares, etc.

    • Red HawK13 says:

      Oobz Ruger no he wasn’t the teams best defender. 1991 finals who locks down Magic to end the series? MJ. In game 7 of 1997 or 98 who locks down Reggie to 0 points? Mike. Mike was always the best defender Idek why people act like Scottie was better than him lol

    • Red HawK13 says:

      Emmanuel Enyinwa it’s sad people like you believe that. There is so much footage of jordan locking down elite players in the playoffs series that matter one on one when Pippen couldn’t stop them

  12. onidtubes says:

    He grew up with his father and brother paralyzed. I don’t think anyone knew this about Scottie.

  13. Jeff says:

    “Whenever they speak Michael Jordan, They should speak Scottie Pippen.”-Michael Jordan

    • Dats a paddlin says:

      roberto5red5rocky but Jordan wouldn’t be the GOAT without Pippen fool. And how do you know Pippen wouldn’t become a great player??? He had god given ability and athleticism. He just needed the right coaches and players to help him along. He was a top 5 pick because of his potential.

    • Kirk McGhee says:

      @Im ILLmatic but he didn’t so just stop it..😂

    • Dats a paddlin says:

      apson1 that’s actually kinda facts

    • Dats a paddlin says:

      Dom Killuminati Who says Lebron won by himself??? Never heard that one lol. They talk about Ray and Kyrie shot 24/7 actually 😂

    • Andy C says:

      They do. He couldn’t of done it without Pip.

  14. JrTerrazasVids says:

    Imagine getting that crappy deal then marrying a gold digger?!! Bruh! 💀

    • dboyBR225 says:

      @Chuke Wise i would only ask how is future not a legend in his own right?? Did u know future is the only artist in history to release 2 albums in 2 weeks both topping the billboard and going platinum?? Thats legend status in itself

    • Dresta tha Gangsta says:

      @First Name Last Name The contract part is on him too.

    • prazertv says:

      I like Scottie, but he’s made a lot of terrible decisions. Both on his contract and marrying a gold digger. Really poor decisions!

    • Jeff Albillar says:

      @Derrick Davis And?

    • Red HawK13 says:

      Derrick Davis yes he took pay cuts but remember he was making 10s of millions of shoes then don’t even make me mention other endorsements with Gatorade

  15. Gr8 1 says:

    Scottie was my favorite player growing up. But at 35yrs old now lol. I’m not feeling sorry for a multimillionaire lol.

    • Young Love says:

      Subconsciously I am feeling the same. All the people feeling sympathy and for him have a sense of entitlement. I, honestly, have no time for those types of people. And the fault is Pippens himself. He needs to own up to that just like Antoine Walker does.

    • Gerald Martinez says:

      Nobody forced him to sign that contract, its not like a crime was committed. Feel bad for the less fortunate, this guy made 50 to a 100 million dollars. Gtfoh

  16. Dav Smiv says:

    I think 11pm came quicker last night than any other night of my life. Who else was pissed when this documentary went off last night?

  17. Ruben Montes says:

    I like how they put in the story of his father and brother being unable to walk because it made sense why Scottie was quick to accept any money the initial money offered to him. He knew that his health was not guaranteed

  18. Pat4Clippers says:

    The two Jerrys ruined the Chicago Bulls dynasty. Organizations win championships. Not players and coaches. Yeah, which is why the Bulls have won nothing since 1998! 🤦🏻‍♂️

    • Roland Tecson says:

      I wish MJ and pippen came back with phil in the Lakers just to destroy the bulls every time they play..

    • Billy Lzer says:

      true but eventually they were going to have to move on anyway

    • Roland Tecson says:

      @Billy Lzer
      Everything has to end. Everybody gets that i think. But with the bulls, it was premature.. they could have won 1 or even 2 more rings if the front office just swallowed their pride..

    • Jeff Albillar says:

      @Roland Tecson I don’t see how the front office could have any problems with the coaching staff and team that they had. You would have to be completely just out of the loop, indifferent and/or just plain dumb to think that they could do anything with anybody else.

  19. Chow Down Detroit says:

    They should’ve used Max Kellerman’s rap song from back in the day for this docu-series.

  20. Pat4Clippers says:

    One of the most underrated scenes was Deloris Jordan reading her son’s letter from college. MJ needed money. He only had $20 in his bank account. And send postage stamps too. 🤣

    • 1990758 says:

      Those are the most touching Parts when they interviewed the other family members. Same day with Scottie Pippen with the exception for a lot of the home Videos I’ve seen a lot of this stuff before on different shows but different camera angles I never seen a part when Michael Jordan was riding a bicycle but a lot of the NBA stuff I’ve seen before but hey it was still good

    • DonDada says:

      I’m shocked that Jordan’s mom looks that good at that age.

    • B Simmonds says:

      DonDada quarantine gotchu wanting them GILF’s bruh 😂😭😂.

      Na just playin fam you know black dont crack, especially our women

    • H Az says:

      Black doesnt crack.

    • Thomas Berryman ll says:

      It’s says more about the NCAA…

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