Do You Know These Ridiculous Beyoncé Facts?

Do You Know These Ridiculous Beyoncé Facts?

Sorry, we ain’t sorry! We’ve compiled the most difficult Beyoncé trivia we could find, in order to see how much Link truly knows about Queen Bey.  GMM #1402

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76 Responses

  1. would ya look at that says:


  2. Red Wolf says:

    I love this show, it’ll always be a part of my daily routine ❤

  3. Lily Harding says:

    I’m too tired to function but not too tired to watch this

  4. BEES AND TOAST says:

    Celebrity worship is unhealthy.

  5. XXgaming4l says:

    I swear when I first saw this I thought Beyoncé was in the video herself??

  6. HankB1993 says:

    You have to do this with Weird Al Yankovic lol.

  7. seidimeow says:

    Happy National Pasta Day Beasts!

    This is a trivia game I rather skip, too bad gmm missed the grate pastability to make a pasta video today, not to spiral out and make y’all mad even though I ain’t alfredo no hate, but just a penne for your thoughts.

  8. Stoned JR says:

    We had a D answer that was correct.
    We had a D answer that was a real option.
    We had a question with only 2 options.
    This was weird episode…

  9. Thicc Daddy says:

    The clapping sound effects at the start were absolutely hilarious

  10. yas says:

    the main thing I learned from this video is we have to keep dogs away from beyonce

  11. vera says:

    D was an answer again, the simulation is glitching

  12. Bobby Markey says:

    Just when you thought Mythical Chef Josh got a day off thanks to Beyonce, he had to make lemonade…

  13. Trisan 15 says:

    Omg rhet and link they are so funny ? they always making my day ☀ thank u

  14. Luke Teverino says:

    *Please educate yourself THEN vote!

  15. Stephanie Cunningham says:

    Props to Ellie for correcting the Louboutin/Louis Vuitton thing, that was killing me.

  16. Drgnwire says:

    *Bring the beat in!*


  17. Helen says:

    Can you pleaaaasse bring back that game where the crew would present thing and you would rank them, it was my favorite

  18. Jessica Ross says:

    Wow, like watching a couple of 40year old school boys today.
    Link seems very possitive about silky under garments ‘I have to admit, I’m not looking at her hands’.
    Thank goodness for Elle today to correct our boys today!

  19. Jessica Ross says:

    Guys the answer was D. I think Link was even shaken because of the fact?

  20. Moxie Beast ASMR says:

    can we get one on jeff goldblum? 🙂

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