Do You Really Have a New Body Every 7 Years?

Do You Really Have a New Body Every 7 Years?

You may have heard the rumor. Every seven years your body becomes a whole new person. But is there anything to this? Check out this SciShow episode to find out!

Hosted by: Hank Green
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20 Responses

  1. Collin Regalia says:

    Oh, dude, my names in there! Sick!

  2. W3r3gam3r says:

    I’m pretty sure they taught this myth at my anatomy class.

  3. SAOS451316 says:

    “Biosex females” Cis people need to stop. You could have just said people
    with ovaries, because what you’re talking about is ovaries. It’s just
    another way to misgender trans people. Also more people are intersex than
    have red hair so you can’t just ignore that.

  4. Brian Crandell says:

    I love this channel, but I’m auto downvoting every video where the term
    “biosex” is used. This is a science show, hence the name Sci Show. What the
    hell else would or should you be talking about?

  5. Detonexploder says:

    I’m sure scishow is sorry guys, next time they will put down a “trigger
    warning” for you whiny manchildren.

  6. Sapphire Shard says:

    welp this is what Tumblr does to the Internet. Offended by the mere mention
    of a word that never even got repeated.

  7. Shika says:

    I don’t get why would you use the term biosex last time i checked according
    to the people that are pro transexual gender is a social construct, but sex
    is based entirely on biology so adding bio to it makes it a tautology.

  8. Brendan O'Toole says:

    Man, everyone chill out. Bio sex just means on a biological level which
    gonads you have. it’s just a science term.
    No one’s taking Christ out of Christmas, lets just calm down and stop being

  9. Maja Nowakowski says:

    Sweden yay

  10. Vlad Morariu says:

    I didn’t even notice he said “biosex” until I looked at the comment
    section. I don’t know why people have to over-complicate everything
    especially when the message is clear (I’m saying this to both sides of the
    argument btw), but oh well… Also nice video. I like having an awesome
    scishow episode daily.

  11. John Rynkar says:

    You can just say “Females are born with…” and everyone watching a science
    video should be able to understand exactly what you mean. Adding the word
    “biosex” when you really don’t need to makes it sound like you are trying
    extremely hard to not hurt the feelings of a small percentage of the
    population, most of whom wouldn’t even care. It sounds more like trying
    very hard to be considerate and less like actually being considerate, which
    is not the same thing.

  12. JP Fresh says:

    i feel like this factoid started as the skin replaces itself completely
    every seven years, and then it just snowballed.

  13. Meaver says:

    Love all the edge-lords getting triggered over the word “Bio-female”, its
    worse than if someone went to tumbler and made an “go and make me a
    sandwich” joke.

  14. Kyleah Stonelake says:

    Wow! “Biosex Female” To those who are dumbasses (All of you) why dont you
    shut the hell up about it like geez! All i see in the comments are, “BioSex
    Female? Is this a new Pc Term?!” GOLLLLEY!!! JUST STOP IT ALREADY, YES IT
    ALREADY WAS SAID, NO NEED TO SAY IT AGAIN! Tbh i didnt even hear it in the
    video. MAJOR LOL!

  15. Lego Insomniac says:

    It’s amazing the lack of self-awareness the people in the comments have.
    You do realise bitching and making a huge fuss over the use of a term you
    don’t like is exactly the same as the alleged SJW’s and PC Police right?
    You’re all just saying “You said a thing that’s stupid and bad and I don’t
    like it so fuck you!”

  16. Mortophobe says:

    it sounds amazingly increddible to me to the point of doubing it’s acurate!
    how do all the cells in your body succeed in not allowing any atom in or
    out certain neurocells for your entire lifetime! i mean, how increddible is
    it that no bacterium will ever enter that region of your brain so NOT EVEN
    A PART OF the cell ever has to be replaced (except for those unfortunates
    with parkingsons or alzheimers deseaze)

  17. boxertest says:

    song “War what is it good for? Absolute…” Scientific research actually
    🙂 :-(

  18. cody kaminska says:

    well I was interested in the video content, thanks scishow! This channel is
    one of my absolute favorites!

  19. Nihilistic Eukaryote says:

    welp, there goes comment-browsing for answers. hey at least it’s one way of
    popularizing the term

  20. Simon Als Nielsen says:

    Biosex females… Is that really necessary? Let’s not let the SJWs and
    their lingo into the real sciences, they will not leave before everything
    has been redefined, and an x-chromosome is classified as a social