Do You Really Need To Ask?

Do You Really Need To Ask?

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20 Responses

  1. Dank Vasian says:

    go trump hes dank

  2. jpirenne says:


  3. FuckGodism says:

    Very good. Support from Oz.

  4. Cynthia Campbell says:

    Perfect!!!!! They need to add the pic with her google eyes.

  5. Jay Patriot says:

    Old corrupt Hilbot will lose!

  6. Klub Marcus says:

    This ad is perfectly timed. ?

  7. DNAngelOtaku says:

    Awe noice!

  8. Carlos Avendaño says:

    this is really lame

  9. Nick Senato says:

    Trump 2016, God bless America

  10. Donald Reagan says:

    She’s so disgusting that makes me avert my gaze whenever her face is shown

  11. gayyy boii says:


  12. Ian Mitchell says:

    Wasn’t Donald JUST spouting on about how he was too good for these ads, and
    that Hilary wasn’t being “very nice”? Give me a break.

  13. Max GT says:

    Fuck Trump. I’m not from the US, but I am concerned about the world.

  14. Luv Princeton says:

    Fuck everyone bitch ass Hillary will win Cuz Donald Trump is being racist
    to Blacks and Mexicans. So y’all need to get a life and don’t pause mine
    cuz yours is so lame!!!!!!!!!!?????????

  15. pmm4177 says:

    She can’t even please her husband, there is no way she please a country!

  16. bob ob says:

    This looks like an ad a kid in 10th grade would make for school presidency

  17. The White Wolf says:

    Fuck Trump and Hillary! I’m voting for Papa Johns!

  18. Je Ro says:

    OK maybe not all of you are deplorable but more than a few….. what gets
    me are all of the supposedly educated people that try to ignore the facts
    about this lair even when his own words prove that he’s lied over and over

  19. HighAcuity says:

    I love how dumbed down these trump ads are so the brainless middle american
    republican idiots can understand them. :D

  20. HexagramMan says:

    NEWS FLASH Most of the population hates both of you disgusting excuses for
    “human beings”.