Doctor calls for “leadership” amid coronavirus crisis

Doctor calls for “leadership” amid coronavirus crisis

California health officials are rushing coronavirus testing kits to a cruise ship docked off-shore. A passenger who had disembarked within two weeks prior died on Wednesday, becoming the state’s first coronavirus-linked fatality. Governor Gavin Newsom declared a state of emergency to try and rush federal and state efforts to contain the virus. Dr. David Agus joins “CBS This Morning” to respond to the latest updates on the potential outbreak.

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78 Responses

  1. teachmehowtodoge says:

    WHO: It’s not a pandemic
    Government: 100% believes in WHO
    Me: Bulls!@# it’s already a pandemic weeks ago

    Moral of the story: You’re on your own.

    • Brian says:

      @TheAes86 Yes there is, it’s called “don’t worry, be happy”

    • chicken little says:

      Y’all believe me now?

    • Kristina Kane says:

      Since there is no scientific consensus for a pandemic, the definition varies depending on the organization. The coronavirus does not meet the criteria under the world health organization’s denotation; however, it has been declared an public health emergency, which has a universal definition and therefore is better for action. Now, the national institute of Heath can advise the United Nations and other countries and receive more Federal funding for research. Although calling the coronavirus may make people more cautious, ultimately it is better that it is deemed a public health emergency because more people will be helped.

  2. MY Two Cents says:

    Finally, being anti-social will pay off.

    Edit: Thanks for the likes! And thanks to those who actually have a sense of humor. 😄

    • Erik says:

      @COVID-19 Seattle got enough money to survive as a hermit?

    • Earth Life says:

      Knock Knock! …Go Away!!!!!

    • Mischelle says:

      Earth Life exactly that happens even without a virus 🦠 😂

    • Jennifer McLeod says:

      Turkey decided to hide its Corona cases! Seriously! not even one case is reported. They failed again Syria and so now they quietly spread the virus to Europe!

    • Tony Garcia says:

      its too late im sure a bunch of people who been running around large groups have already been in contact with u and contaminated something in your home which will last on surface for 28 days.

  3. 74deeds says:

    Common sense in the US died a long time ago, along with leadership and government caring about human lives.

    • Panther God says:

      @Nick Webb no, you don’t. People that die are the old and immunocompromised. Literally, most adults and children that catch it don’t even have symptoms. Everyone needs to chill out. The news is tricking you into panicking. N95 masks and masks in general don’t even stop you from getting the virus. It’s so small it will go through the mask.

    • Nick Webb says:

      Panther God you can still get it if you’re healthy, just because your healthy doesn’t make you immune to everything.

    • Panther God says:

      @Nick Webb you can get it just like the flu. You literally catch anything, but most of the time, when a healthy person catches the coronavirus, they don’t even have symptoms, and just because you have caught the coronavirus doesn’t mean you’ll die from it. Look at the flu, it’s way worse than coronavirus. It’s killed 10 million people yearly, but you don’t hear about that because, to the news, it’s not the new hot thing that will get views.

    • Patty Donohue says:

      @Pam Schobelock ha ha ha…sure, Pam, keep watching FOX and eating those alternative facts.

  4. Hello World says:

    South Korea has it right with the drive thru testing. Captain Trips is a sneaky one.

    • Paige 1996 says:

      I actually hadn’t heard of this until now and it’s absolutely amazing……I’ve been thinking this whole time about how terrible it is to go to a hospital to be tested only to find out it’s negative when you’ve been sitting in a breeding ground for the virus with possible spreading from people who don’t know they’re infected who are also there to get tested, coughing and sneezing all over the waiting room. And my emergency room takes like 6+ hours in and out it’s ridiculous, been there multiple times for a broken ankle and they just make you wait in the waiting room for like 2 hours and then stick you in a room once you go back to see the doctor for 4 more hours and it takes them like 15 minutes to actually do what you went for and you’re still there for hours and hours. I had been brought back and was sitting in a room last year sometime and they were legit ordering lunch while I was in agony. Like I get you can’t decide if you want Asian or Mexican but I’m dying here and the place is a literal ghost town with like one other patient and you’re still just letting me sit here. I have to actually be dying or close to dying to ever go there now…….we only have one urgent care and it’s decent I guess but you can wait there for hours too. My primary doctor has an appointment only schedule so you’d be dead before getting tested there lol ugh it’s all so frustrating I hate most doctors in America, they’re so lazy.

    • Sunny Quackers says:

      Seems to me if we had this in the USA for six weeks as some doctors are saying and yet no doctors have not seen a rise in flu-like deaths, we are doing very well. EVEN without tests.

    • Shredded WHEAT says:

      @Janet M o o n that spells virus

    • Mark Wood says:

      Then why is the military evacuated to the Philippines….now…as in now!.

  5. Bean Jyla says:

    Someone is playing Plague Inc on hard mode.. “the cure is 10% complete”

    • TransGirl Gamer says:

      ikr and greendland still virus free

    • Robert Hunter says:

      More like casual mode. COVID-19 has been noticed, but too few are talking it seriously, the cure is still too far out to be helpful, and millions are infected and growing fast! At least there’s no kissing festival, and they’re discussing whether to cancel the Olympics.

    • Bean Jyla says:

      @Robert Hunter That’s true! Many people tested positive for covid-19 and who knows how many others are infected. We all know what happens in plague inc. Infect everyone then activate the deadly symptoms o.o

    • WindBlade says:

      hope they lose

  6. EL PERFUMÉ says:

    I think the whole world needs to stay put and stop traveling for at least 2 weeks

    • Derviş says:

      And we will have the greatest economical crisis ever and probably more people will die as a result. Think wisely.

    • lisa myhre says:

      Victoria Smith people were wanting to leave there but when they came here it spreads

    • Tony Garcia says:

      try two months u idiots are gonna die soon anways u treated this like it was a joke because the media luled u to sleep. remember these guys got bunkers in mountains to run off to when the civil unrest with firearms begins.

  7. Joseph Inman says:

    “I went to see West Side Story last night.” 🏆 Here’s your Darwin Award.

  8. The Dali Llama says:

    “Grande, no-fat latte… oh, and a corona virus test”

  9. gentleall says:

    So, what does the death toll have to be in order for officials to call for the shut down of airline travel?

    • Chad Solivais says:

      It’s already to late for that. The only time it would have worked was when it was just in China

    • SonofCalifornia says:

      Because the rich and investors don’t want to lose any money. They are playing with our lives for profit.

    • Foundation Crack Fixers Basement Waterproofing says:

      It’s too late

    • Aramis3737 says:

      It seems like it’s never too late to do the right thing like shutting down air travel especially given that there are two strains now, it can mutate, and people can be re-infected. I’m guessing about a million people have to die before they shut down the airports. Of course elites have private planes…

    • Raymond Shotwell says:

      That’s a lot of planes to shut down. Not sure that’s even viable. People have places to be. It would destroy the economy, and you’d probably get more people killed just by flight cancelations. The entire world depends on air travel. No way thousands of flights are going to be canceled for an upgraded flu virus.

  10. Jon Jon says:

    Gamers will survive, they never go outside.

  11. Steven V says:

    “Don’t touch the little prayer thing on the doorway”

  12. LOADING... says:

    I respect him for saying he doesn’t know much about the virus.

  13. Sean O'Daniels says:

    “Low risk” Famous final words before the outbreak.

  14. Tetu Rogers says:

    I swear we are living in the movie “Idiocracy”

  15. Cesar Meza says:

    High schools and colleges should/could move to online classes.

  16. stephen barter says:

    “the more people have it, the more people will have it” – Random TV doctor

  17. Dr. Coos says:

    When being an IT major pays off

  18. Rach H says:

    “It’s not necessarily for ourselves, maybe it’s for our elderly parents. Maybe it’s for our neighbor who’s 85 years old, or the neighbor two houses down who has breast cancer and is getting treatment. We all have to look out for each other.”

    THANK YOU. The amount of times I’ve heard “it’s no big deal if you don’t have underlying health conditions.” Or “We’re all going to get it, let’s catch it now and get it out of the way before summer.” Go the extra step to try and prevent it, for others. I’m so happy to hear there’s still compassion for people who are struggling. And I wish we would implement drive thru tests like South Korea, it’s a great idea.

    • Ryan Singrossi says:

      Right! When they say, “don’t worry it’s only an issue for those who have underlying conditions” I’m over here being like, and what about those with underlying conditions?!
      What about those who may not even know they have underlying conditions!!

    • John Kelsey says:

      Yes it must be stopped for the elderly and infirm.

  19. Bill Stewart says:

    “Leadership.” That’s SO asking for a lot these days!

    • Craig Solano says:

      No doubt. Democrat heads ruined California and also that leadership wants to ruin the rest of the country.

  20. TheWolfdoctor says:

    “We need leadership.”

    Trump : “It’s a democratic hoax.”

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