Doctor Mike Interviews Dr. Fauci On COVID19

Doctor Mike Interviews Dr. Fauci On COVID19

Dr. Anthony Fauci has been a champion of truth & integrity during a difficult time for us in America. He serves on the National Institute of Health branch of Allergy and Infectious Disease and has advised 6 presidents! He is someone I look up to and I was lucky to be able to ask him some questions about our current pandemic.

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90 Responses

  1. javachille says:

    Honestly, Dr. Fauci is so smart coming to YouTube to talk to Philip DeFranco and Doctor Mike. He knows it’s going to get to a lot of people that might not be watching the news to see the press conferences or may not be following news organizations on their social media, so this is a good way to get all that information out there to a younger audience that might not be getting this information any other way

    • R vdB says:

      I thought it was also smart that he did an interview with Trevor Noah. Trevor asked better questions than many journalists did.

    • Cameron Valencia says:

      Yeah I just saw he also spoke with Lily and Trevor.

    • Aiyana Land says:

      I agree. Also I think it’s hard to trust MSM and a lot of people trust Dr. Mike and Philip defranco a lot more

    • 82Kayos Blaize says:

      @Joe Battiloro no sound here either.

    • rezdout says:

      javachille he shoulda talked about the 20 million Chinese that went missing off the face of the earth a few days ago. And the 50,000 people being burned daily in crematoriums over there in China

  2. Yodases says:

    Someone needs to ask what grocery store workers can do to stay safe.

    • Angel Mazariego says:

      Yodases I like your Ulquiorra profile pic

    • Lisa Rose says:

      Nothing – This is an oligarchy. They don’t care about poor people. The goal seems to be to have hundreds of millions of poor people in the streets because poor people are dumb and lazy. They have the nerve to tell poor people to go to your Dr.. As if poor people have a Dr to go to. They will just give more money to the rich. That is always the solution to everything.

    • Chuck Bailey says:

      @BenjiPOTF well where do you live?

    • Everybody Clap your hands says:

      Kylie Hall they just did that at my food lion

    • Sydney Stark says:

      Yodases over here in Florida they aren’t giving A damh thing

  3. Annaliese Wyld says:

    Cheers mate…please make sure that you blokes ACTUALLY take care of yourself…sleep😁

  4. buggld says:

    4-5 hours of sleep, Jesus. This man is dying to inform the American public.

    • Dabigbawse Bawse says:

      New moms operate on 4 hours of sleep

    • crzyinzan3 says:

      I can run on 3-4 hrs of sleep and usually have more energy than if I were to sleep 8 hrs. I’ve gone days with a little as 1 1/2-2 hrs of sleep.

    • Conor Nameless says:

      My mom sleeps 4 hours every night. Feel bad for her tbh.

    • David Cappadoccia says:

      buggld he would relay the information to CDC and Trump if the mainstream media didn’t insert “Orange Man Bad” into everything.
      Example: Trump promotes the anti malaria drug: Hydroxychloroquine.
      An individual tried to self medicate with Chloroquine Phosphate, a fish bowl cleaning compound. The guy died.
      The MSM decided to leave that bit of information out and run it as Hydroxychloroquine killed the victim.
      Why did the MSM do that? Their answer is simply: “Orange Man Bad”

    • David Cappadoccia says:

      Learner De Curious Queeñ if Fauci did get the virus, he would donate his life to finding the cure, quite literally.
      The Wuhan Virus would be stupid to infect a man so dedicated to medicine.

  5. BLJLLA24 says:

    I feel like this is Dr. Mike talking to future Dr. Mike

  6. A E says:

    Dr. Genius Fauci, USA is lucky to have him, he was the key to kill many more diseases for a while, hopefully he succeeds with Corona virus, but this Virus seems very weird and challenging.

  7. Sergio Fernandez says:

    I should have gone to med school instead of law school

  8. Anabelle Pascual says:

    Is there a way to test for covid-19 antibodies? Back in December I got extremely sick and I had symptoms similar to this virus.

    • Chris S says:


    • Jazzy W. says:


    • Luda Stout says:

      Any v I r a l infection doesn’t like cold drinks. Please, everyone get into some hot(warm) green any herbal tea with lemon and ginger ( watch out if you’re allergic to some herbs). Not cold drinks!
      We’ve got something last January. Usually, I get very mild seasonal flu. But past January it did lasted almost 2 weeks. Warm tea non stop with honey/lemon plus gargle with salt/soda in warn water.

    • Kelsi Marshall says:

      Anabelle Pascual Same here I got really sick in early January after traveling had a really bad cough and fever lasted for almost a month and I went to the doctor 3 times flu and strep tests came back negative

    • The King says:

      You don’t have it yet … You will know … When happen

  9. James Lee says:

    I strongly recommend reviewing KoreanDrFauci, he’s been through SARS, MERS, and etc.

  10. ta1486 says:

    the only reason why im terrified of this virus is because of my parents. my dad is a 65 year old food delivery man so he’s obviously at high risk, and my mom had a lobectomy last year because they found a mass in her lung so she has weak lungs. i worry for my parents every single day. please stay home.

    • Derek Waszkiewicz says:

      My mom works for Homeland security cooking for inmates or detainees as she has to call them. 6 months from retirement. She stock it out for the long haul so she could live on her own and not move in with one of us kids to Dave money. If she makes it without getting it she isn’t going to have anything but social security. So sad how this has blown up so bad. China screwed us so bad. I hope everyone takes note and buys American. We can stop china. The Democrats have sold us out but we can and will come back if we support each other and stop them from ripping us apart. Nancy and get goons need to be fired. Million people March with hazmat suits on to her house and fire her on the spot. Taken to jail with no bail till she answers for her crimes.

    • python python says:

      ​@Holly Davis Sorry to hear that you had to go through it? May I ask if you have fully recovered from it yet? What did you do to get through it? Did you have to take any meds? What your symptoms you had and when did it start?
      Sorry for so many questions, but I am worried that I might have it

    • Chuck Bailey says:

      @Derek Waszkiewicz she don’t get a retirement working 4 the federal government ?

    • Femarie Sabado says:

      I’m also scared for my parents and they are so stubborn still wanting to go the market. Quarantine and social distancing is different and the difficulties may be different here in the Philippines, a third world country with a very inefficient government and very poor urban planning

    • David Cappadoccia says:

      ta1486 O type blood has resilience to the virus as research shows.

  11. Kavita says:

    Notice when Dr Mike needs to talk about something serious, he wears his glasses. 🤭

  12. anoj fal says:

    This is the second time seen him talking to an intelligent human who understand of what he’s talking about.

  13. Natalie Harvey says:

    I’d love to ask him what to expect AFTER a pandemic…what odd things come in the wake of a pandemic? For example, we’re seeing environmental changes, maybe a ton of births in 9 months…maybe early treatable cancer diagnoses in people who would have never seen a Dr otherwise….but what other weird things that are side effects of this?

    • IslandGirl says:

      Oh, I definitely think we’re going to have a baby boom in 9 months! 😉

    • Julie Элизабет says:

      I don’t think he would comment on that since that’s not his area of work. You’d probably want to speak to a sociologist or psychologist. Honestly, I reckon the suicide rates will go up with everyone in isolation or losing their jobs or loved ones.

    • Benjamin Tielking says:

      *And I SPEAK by the FAITH that my precious mother: Louise Tielking taught me about…that more people will ACTUALLY 💙LOVE💙 one another…instead of FAKING IT!!!!!!! ~ **#WAITANDSEE*

  14. Michael Niesner says:

    I feel bad for Dr. Fauci. He’s already an older person and now running on 4h of sleep a nigh! :s

  15. Florin Stan says:

    Man, when he said “ running around like a maniac” I genuinely felt for him. I hope he doesn’t get overburned. God bless the doctor 🥺

    • shannon Yep says:

      God bless those who are trying to find a cure and also our president who loves this country so much that he doesn’t even take salary but yet the dems want to fix up a building and line their pockets off the deaths and suffering of others.

    • malenotyalc says:

      His voice sounds hoarse.

    • c l says:

      malenotyalc i think it’s his natural voice, added onto the bad video call quality

    • Ruready4jesus? says:

      Great interview to important questions we are so blessed in this Country🇺🇸 to have Dr Fauchi we are all in this together I’m in California my home town is New York and I agree we need more mask and more testing in order to stop this God bless America the human race President Trump and his team he is a wartime President! Be safe practice safe distancing God bless everyone and their families in Jesus Amen🙏🇺🇸🛐

    • Denis Florian says:

      @shannon Yep if it wasnt for trump,you could have been 10x better rn,Only Dr Fauchi actually tries and helps

  16. Yeach says:

    Dr.Mike: people need 8 hour of sleep
    Dr.Fauci: I sleep for 4 hours

  17. Epyon2007 says:

    you should have asked him what his thoughts are on people getting re-infected in Wuhan, China.

  18. Juliet A says:

    I love Dr Fauci. He’s just so comforting

  19. Christoph M says:

    The fatigue in Dr. Fauci’s voice…this man deserves sainthood.

  20. Raze Pulse says:

    Dr mike and dr fauci explains coronavirus

    Youtube: DEMONITIZED

    Also YouTube: put this 11th on trending

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