Doctor reacts to the man without a jaw! #shorts

Doctor reacts to the man without a jaw! #shorts

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  1. ChideraDraws Things says:

    It’s amazing how he remains so positive in hard times

  2. Atomic Squirrel Productions says:

    The fact that he’s smiling is amazing! I hope he has some really positive things happening for him and his family.

  3. Tahtahme's Diary says:

    It will never cease to give me pride at how universal Hip Hop really is. It is a music form found and popularized worldwide, and regardless of race or disabilities or gender, people are inspired to use it as a way to express and understand themselves and their circumstances. That’s powerful, what an amazing thing my people created– and all of it can be traced back to Mama Africa, honor to the Ancestors 🙏🏾💜

    • Cringe Kid says:

      @FrogsOnLogs How can you bring in race and make shit up to make your race look better and then flip it on white people when it doesn’t go to plan?

    • FrogsOnLogs says:

      it was stilli made by black ppl regardless

    • FrogsOnLogs says:

      @Cringe Kid and who said that I made shit up or was making my race look better? Don’t put words in my mouth

    • FrogsOnLogs says:

      @humble ik I’m just saying they still called it American (it is) but they didn’t include that it was still black made

    • Dr. Splashed says:

      I must’ve forgotten how other music genres are limited to their “inventors” ethnicity, must be why there’s no pop, rap, techno or house music world wide… wait a minute.. it’s all world wide! all music inspires people regardless of race or disabilities or gender.. this concept is not unique to hip hop like at all lmao.

  4. Lil Musk says:

    He made me realize how lucky I am being able to verbally express myself, way to go man.

  5. Aldrick Barber says:

    I admire his positivity and ambition, but also his sense of humor as seen at the beginning of this short.

  6. 3RR0R says:

    Isaiah is truly amazing. Born with multiple health conditions, and yet he still proceeded to chase his dreams. These people don’t deserve to go through such painful things like having health conditions, but even with them, people like Isaiah still pursue their dreams.

  7. Amy Lewis says:

    i love how he doesn’t make fun or questions; instead he educates people about the condition and is supportive of it. What an amazing doctor 😊

  8. Galaxy Roamer says:

    the fact that he shouldn’t be alive but is still living and doing what he wants to do is inspiring

  9. Maywek says:

    Man that’s tough, can’t imagine how life would be like. Much love to the man ❤️

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