Doctor Strange Official Trailer 2

Doctor Strange Official Trailer 2

See Marvel’s “Doctor Strange,” in theaters November 4, 2016.

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20 Responses

  1. David Blyth says:

    Capshite Inception, Wi-Fi jokes…ugh. Typical Meh-Vel Studios.

  2. The Squealer Dealers says:

    Today is a good day to be a comic fan

  3. Grim Sonji says:

    This Marvel movie is gonna all Marvel movie! And for idiots, i
    am not DC fan, but DC movies are way better! More serious, more dark and no
    stupid jokes at every 5 minutes

  4. Ecc Taylorr says:

    we are so proud of our Sherlock!!!

  5. Nash Knight says:

    I absolutely love the visuals, but the villain looks kind of lame

  6. sermerlin1 says:

    this is hugo strange? Since when is strange a good guy? Both in arkham game
    and in gotham serie hugo strange is a villain. How is he a good guy here?

  7. Kid Dynamite says:

    We don’t wanna see this shit! Show us the Spiderman Homecoming trailer

  8. Ishan Saha says:

    Christopher Nolan should sue this…

  9. xyoxus says:

    Hannibal and Sherlock on an epic LSD trip through space and time.

  10. Alif Al Amin says:

    I see “Inception”

  11. Super saiyan god super saiyan Mystic super saiyan 4 says:

    this looks kinda boring to me so far

  12. LiLNikoable says:

    I think to fully enjoy this movie, you must be on acid

  13. ishaan sawney says:

    hahaha wifi password

  14. aaradhy sharma says:

    this movie has no game of throne character

  15. Matthew Mulcahy says:

    1:42 stark tower

  16. Nicholas Amadeus Kosasih says:

    Here’s hoping that Doctor Strange at least gets an Oscar Nomination for
    Best Visual Effects. Who’s with me?!

  17. Jaden Yuki says:

    Will all superheroes be in Infinity War?

  18. Mitchell says:

    1:42 Avengers Tower located

  19. Batman One Million says:

    Today was a Superhero day ! proud to be one

  20. cinqetoiles says: