Doctor Who: Series 11 Teaser

Doctor Who: Series 11 Teaser

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88 Responses

  1. Cory Green says:

    This was disappointing? Clearly you guys all forgot the 10 second peter capaldi teaser where it’s just his silhouette and the TARDIS is blowing up

    • Cory Green says:

      That’s basically all we have in this teaser, what else are we supposed to enjoy here? The enriching story? The phenomenal acting? It’s a teaser for a reason it’s just supposed to look pretty and there’s nothing wrong with that.

    • Alexa Gomez says:

      Every teaser is literally something blowing up…

    • Cory Green says:

      Alexa Gomez
      Which is just a neat visual

    • B Bevan says:

      Cory Green
      Mate if youre impressed then a dull life you lead. Nothing pretentious about calling out something for what it is. Watch Hey Duggie……it’ll blow your tiny mind

    • Cory Green says:

      B Bevan
      Yeah but there’s everything pretentious about calling out people for enjoying something for what it’s supposed to be enjoyed as.
      Something visually appealing

  2. Matthew says:

    Is that it? No dialogue? No feel for Jodie’s style? No release date? Poor…

    • NerdWriterGirl1984 says:

      Matthew More will probably come after San Diego Comic Con. That’s when they do a lot of trailer releases.

    • Jrad Heisenkirk says:

      It’s a teaser, not a full trailer

    • Nicholas Nolan says:




    • leoni rads says:

      They’re obviously trying to build up as much hype as possible. It has to start off small and mysterious. To be honest, since Jodie is getting called crap after 2 words of dialogue so far, I think it’s best people wait until her first full episode. That way the haters can just give it a rest for a while.

  3. Derek Smallshorts says:

    I’m still stoked for the new season, but whoever signed off on this trailer needs to be dragged out into the street and banished to the set of Hollyoaks.

  4. 0135micky says:

    Fifty seconds I’m not getting back

  5. Liam Catterson says:

    Hello Doctor!

  6. TheInfectedHunter says:

    So is the whole season gonna look like a Super Bowl commerical?

  7. Kasia Mleczarska says:

    She gave a girl another pizza because there was none left.

    *That’s the hero we need.*

    • MonkeyZorr says:

      And stole from the boys. Yeah, what a hero

    • maria cintasari says:

      Kasia Mleczarska eleven stole Amelia’s drink and give it to Amelia in the future when she’s thirsty. If Eleven did not steal Amelia’s drink in the 1st place, future Amelia would probably be not thirsty. I don’t really see your point

    • Kasia Mleczarska says:

      maria cintasari You must be fun at parties…

  8. Late to the Party says:

    Everything about it looks pretty, but not much to get too excited over. Just happy they didn’t spoil anything as they tend to do.

  9. NPChilla says:

    Looks more like an advert for a fast-food delivery service than a drama.

  10. Klamath 2046 says:

    The Beano and a gorgeous Doctor in a swishy coat. Bring on autumn.

  11. Captain Jack says:

    Looking forward to the series! 😀

  12. Axdyn417 says:

    I was hoping for more. It’s nice…But I was hoping for more. x-x

  13. Glenn Bill says:

    Oh god Bradley Walsh 🙄

  14. Zoll of Tokarga says:

    The only thing that can save this show is if Count Dankula is the next Dr.

  15. Eisa Razzak says:

    People keep complaining how this TEASER trailer showed nothing, but I think it showed just the right thing.

    We get to see the doctors relationship with the 3 companions.

    With the first one, she plays around with him. It seems as though she likes to joke around and tease him.

    With the second one, she seems to have a soft spot for her. The doctor helps her out when she’s upset.

    And the last one is like a relaxed interaction, where the doctor shows him that she has a fun side of her despite her age. Its almost like shes trying to show she has a sense of humor

    I think we saw just the right amount of just the right thing.

  16. Robert George says:


  17. Costo Zero says:

    The Flash… are you?

  18. Count Sapphire says:

    You’re running fast, Doctor! Capaldi would be proud.

  19. Elijah Swift says:

    On a scale of William Hartnell to David Tennant, how much are you looking forward to the next series of Doctor Who?

  20. CRAZY GREG FILMS says:

    I’m still having low expectations because of this change.

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